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Brief Overview

Create segmented, personalized experiences by pulling any data from a CSV file into WalkMe.

Upload CSV for incoming integration can connect any third party software that allows exporting data to a CSV file to WalkMe. The integration pulls attributes, sync, and populate into WalkMe for content segmentation.

Use Cases

  • Create targeted WalkMe content like ShoutOuts based on customer attributes defined in a CSV file.
  • Personalize end-user experience based on user attributes.

Creating an incoming integration

The integrations setup is under “Integrations” tab on Insights.

1. Select CSV to WalkMe

2. Follow the wizard instructions to upload your CSV file to Walkme.

3. After data discovery, map the user identifier and select the wanted columns (i.e. attributes)

Note: A prerequisite for using the integration is setting up Unique User Id in WalkMe’s editor.

4. After #3, the system will prompt a success/failure. Follow the instructions to resolve.

5. See the newly created integration in the integrations management table.

Modifying/Deleting the integrations can be done from this table.

Segmentation Based on Incoming Integration Fields

Once the Integration is set up – Perform an empty publish so you can segment based on the imported fields in your Editor.

Once Publish is performed in your segmentation rule engine: Choose User Attributes in the first Drop Down and in the second Drop Down Choose the Name of your Integration.

Best practices

  1. When completing the integration creation process, before targeting content in the editor – make sure that you have at least one successful integration “run” under Incoming integrations table (see above #5).
  2. When modifying an integration, changes will be updated immediately.
  3. Less is more – Be sensitive to the total number of attributes that you integrate to WalkMe. We allow a total of 100 attributes total across all of the integrations.
  4. After successful integration, you may need to close and reopen the Editor in order to see the updated fields in the segmentation editor.

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