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Brief Overview

The Digital Adoption Center is a portal to the high-level usage status of all the systems across a company, which are accessed using the WalkMe Extension. Providing a single location where management can view every application their employees use and quickly identify which ones have a lower adoption rate or are being underutilized. Helping you make high-level decisions regarding the processes and systems used throughout an organization.

Currently, this feature is only supported by Multi-Systems Administrator accounts (Enterprise accounts) where WalkMe uses an Extension. Reach out to your WalkMe contact to learn more about it.

Use Cases

  • CIOs/CEO’s methodology tool to measure software adoption based on high-level data to support strategic decisions.
  • Software adoption processes being utilized and prioritized across the organization according to high-level data.
  • Builders using adoption data to analyze end users activity and create WalkMe content to target them accurately.

How it works

The Digital Adoption Center is our portal for the person or team in the company that owns the subject of Digital Adoption in an organization and/or a department. By configuring an account which successfully meets all the requirements, the main screen of the Enterprise Insights account will become the Digital Adoption Center. Providing the high-level usage status and overview of all the systems used across the organization or a department.

The data in this image is for illustration purposes only


  • Enterprise Account with at least two systems configured.
  • WalkMe User Identifier (Editor).
  • Latest Extension installed.
  • The extension has been configured to access the Digital Adoption Center.

Selecting a Date Range

Using the drop-down on the top left of the Digital Adoption Center you can select a new date range for the data values, by default it will display data from the previous week:

Users On Monitored Systems

As a reference point, the page provides the number of users that are currently active and monitored (top left box).

The value with the larger font is the active users (those who had at least one session in one of the systems)

The value with the smaller font (“All X users”) is the number of monitored users. This is 100% of potential unique users.

Users are monitored via a pulse event that is sent via the extension once a day.

If the latest extension has not been installed and configured correctly, the numbers in the Users on Monitored Systems section may be less then expected.

The graph shows these 2 values across the chosen date range.

The data in this image is for illustration purposes only

Top 5 Used Systems

On the top right of the Digital Adoption Center, you can see the 5 systems with the greatest aggregates session time per day across all users.

The longer the time, the bigger the circle per system will appear:

The data in this image is for illustration purposes only

Monitored Systems

Each system row represents a WalkMe account under the Multi-System Administration account (AKA Enterprise Account).

“Active users” are users that had at least one session within the chosen date range.

The data in this image is for illustration purposes only


Systems that do not have any results displayed could be an indication that the WalkMe extension needs to be updated or configured correctly by your account manager.

Drill Down to System Analytics

Clicking a system row navigates to the Insights view for that specific system.

Accessing the Digital Adoption Center

Once you have had the Digital Adoption Center enabled for your WalkMe Enterprise account, to access it simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Insights account. The front page should now appear as the Digital Adoption Center.
  2. To access your regular Insights data, drill down to a specific system by clicking on it.
  3. To return to the Digital Adoption Center, click on the button:

If you are unable to see this feature, contact your WalkMe account manager or representative.

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