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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Insights Overview Page

Last Updated April 11, 2022

Brief Overview

The Insights Overview page provides numerous reports populated with your Insights Collected data. The page provides charts, graphics, and tables that show users' usage of your website or application.

Overview Page Breakdown

Filters and Date Pickers

  1. Filters: The filter drop-down contains every Saved Filter defined in the Sessions page. The data shown on every report on this page relates to the chosen filter.
  2. Date Picker: Likewise, the data shown on every report on this page relates to the chosen date range.

General Usage Metrics

  1. All Active Users
    • The total count of unique users who visited the website or application during the selected date range & chosen filters.
    • Note: Only Users in sessions that have ended are counted. Live sessions are not included, as opposed to the Apps Overview page which counts users who are active in real time.
  2. Unique Accounts
    • The total count of accounts who visited the website or application in the selected filter & date range.
  3. Sessions
    • A session is a single visit of a user to your website or application.
  4. Session Chart
    • Chart showing the number of sessions and unique users per session count over time.

Users Panel

In order to view the full list of users for users metrics on the page, you can click on the number and a side menu will open. 

The export button will download a CSV report.

Note: The panel is limited to results with 10,000 users or less - beyond that you must export a report.

💡 Tip: In the panel you can use the search bar to search for users, sort by user name in the user column, as well as filter values under the Country column.

You can use the icon to open the users list in a separate tab and display the full list of users.

The list displays users that match the date range, the filter, and the metric selected in the Overview page.

Traffic Map

  1. Map
    • A heatmap where countries are color-coded based on the number of sessions occurring within them.
  2. List
    • Shows a list of the top five countries by session count.

💡 Tip: Hovering over a country shows the count of sessions from that country and that country's percentage of total sessions.

Sessions Time Breakdown

Breakdown of all different session durations into one of three categories based on the average session duration:

  1. Short Sessions
    • Sessions shorter than 50% of the duration of the average session
  2. Medium Sessions
    • Sessions 50%-200% in duration compared to the average session
  3. Long Sessions
    • Sessions at least twice as long as the average session

Top WalkMe Items

This table shows the top five most interacted-with WalkMe items.

It includes the following information for each item:

  • Application type
  • Item name
  • Number of unique users that interacted with the item
  • Total count of interactions

See a detailed list of how Insights counts WalkMe interactions on the Apps Overview page. 

Top WalkMe Goals

This table shows the top five WalkMe Goals reached from all applications.

It includes the following information for each item:

  • Goal name
  • Times reached
  • Success rate
    • The percentage of time the Goal was reached out of the total times the associated item was interacted with

💡 Tip: Hover over the "i" icon to see the associated item.

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