Understanding the Overview Page in Insights

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Brief Overview

The Insights Overview page provides numerous reports populated with your Insights Collected data. The page provides charts, graphics, and tables that show users’ usage of your website.

Overview Page Breakdown

  1. Filters and Date Pickers
    • a) Filters: The filter drop-down contains every Saved Filter defined in the Sessions page. The data shown on every report on this page relates to the chosen filter;
    • b) Date Picker: Likewise, the data shown on every report on this page relates to the chosen date range.
  2. General Usage Metrics
    • a) Unique Users: The total count of unique users who visited your website;
    • b) Total Sessions: The total count of sessions collected on your website;
    • c) Session Chart: Chart showing the number of sessions and unique users per session count over time.
  3. Traffic Map
    • a) Map: A heatmap where countries are color-coded based on the number of sessions occurring within them;
      • Hovering over a country shows the count of sessions from that country, and that country’s percentage of total sessions.
    • b) List: Same as the map, but shows a list of the top five countries by session count.
  4. Sessions Time Breakdown
    • Break-down of all different session durations into one of three categories based on the average session duration:
      • a) Short Sessions: Sessions shorter than 50% of the duration of the average session;
      • b) Average Sessions: Sessions 50%-200% in duration compared to the average session;
      • c) Long Sessions: Sessions at least twice as long as the average session;
      • Pro-Tip: Sessions Time Breakdown report is currently only available when Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), is enabled.
  5. Top WalkMe Items
    • This table shows the top five most interacted-with WalkMe items; 
      • It includes the item’s application type, the item name, the number of unique users that interacted with this item as well as the total count of interactions.
    • Insights counts WalkMe interactions as follows:
      • Walk-Thrus and Smart Walk-Thrus: Counts each Walk-Thru / Smart Walk-Thru play (not each step or Goal completion);
      • Launchers: Counts each Launcher click;
      • ShoutOut: Counts each ShoutOut view;
      • Resources: Counts each Resource view;
      • Survey: Counts each Survey view;
      • SmartTip: Counts each SmartTip view, both Guidance, and Validation types;
      • Menu: Counts each menu open;
      • Onboarding Task: Counts each Onboarding Task completion.
  6. Top WalkMe Goals
    • This table shows the top five WalkMe Goals reached from all applications;
      • a) Success Rate: The percentage of time the Goal was reached out of the total times the associated item was interacted with;
    • Pro-Tip: hover over the “i” icon to see the associated item.

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