Install WalkMe for SuccessFactors

Last Updated March 29, 2021

Let’s Get WalkMe to Your Users!

WalkMe is made available to your SuccessFactors users via a browser extension. Once the WalkMe extension has been downloaded, your published WalkMe content will immediately be accessible and WalkMe will begin collecting data. Talk to you Account Manager about the best timing for deployment on your site.

There are just a couple steps to getting WalkMe up and running on SuccessFactors.

The recommended method of deployment is mass installation of the browser extension for all your SuccessFactors users. Mass Installation means users don’t need to do anything themselves which saves time, reduces troubleshooting, and ensures they start seeing WalkMe right away. Mass Installation is quick and easy for your IT team to deploy.  Read more about the Mass Installation project scope.

To push out a mass installation to your users, your Account Manager will provide a link to the Deployment Guide. The Deployment Guide guides you through installing, enabling, and configuring the WalkMe Extension. This process will need to be repeated for each OS and browser on which you would like to deploy WalkMe. The mass installation should be performed by your IT Team or System Admin.

Option #2: Manual Installation

Not able to push out a mass installation? Instead, have yours users individually download the extension on their computers. Provide the download link in one of two ways:

B. Add an Activate Now button on SuccessFactors
  1. Go to the Admin Center 
  2. Click on Company Settings 
  3. Edit the Tile Settings
  4. Click on Manage Home Page
  5. Click Add Custom Tile. It is recommended to move this tile near the top where it is most visible. TO apply the tile order for all users, click Reset for all Users. This will override the user’s personal tile customization
  6. Edit the Tile Settings
  7. Add the following code into “Main Content” (replace EXTENSION URL LINK with a URL received from your Customer Success Manager):

<iframe id=”WalkMeExtensionIframe” src=”EXTENSION IRL LINK&platform=successfactors” scrolling=”no”frameBorder=”0″ width=”296″ height=”296″></iframe>

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