Intro to Scaling Digital Adoption

Last Updated December 28, 2023

Brief Overview

Operational excellence in the digital adoption space is the ability to execute a digital adoption strategy consistently and cohesively throughout the business. Operational excellence is the key to scale. 

A company that priorities operational excellence focuses on governing a gold standard, elevating their digital adoption professionals, and continuously iterating to strive for maximum efficiency. 

To be Best in Class with use of a Digital Adoption Platform, companies should strive for a programmatic approach with governance around operations and stakeholder interactions. For many companies, this means creating a Center of Excellence or Community of Practice. 

From Project to Program

Companies typically start by purchasing a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for a single application (a “point solution” approach). As the point solution starts providing positive benefits, this singular purchase evolves into a digital adoption strategy across multiple software applications, departments, and even enterprise-wide. 

Tools such as the Digital Adoption Maturity Matrix can evaluate the effectiveness of your approach as you scale.

Digital Adoption Maturity Matrix

Benefits of Operational Excellence

Though achieving Operational Excellence multi-year initiative, you will start to realize the benefits almost immediately.

Maximized resource utilization 

  • Economies of scale reduce repetitive tasks and strengthen cost accountability 

Optimized end-user experience

  • Champions a consistent end-user experience in the consumption of digital adoption content and incorporation of feedback

Empowered Digital Adoption Professionals

  • Sets clear expectations for team roles and responsibilities and helps the business case to expand digital adoption team 

Accelerated journey to Best in Class

  • Improves maturity on the Digital Adoption Maturity Matrix and gives you a competitive edge

Your Operational Excellence Journey

A multi-year journey to Best in Class includes three (3) phases. 

Phase 1: Targeted Outputs & Building Digital Adoption Skillsets

  • Build precise, point-solution implementations and grow skill of Digital Adoption Team members

Phase 2: Projects at Scale & Operational Dependence 

  • Improving resource efficiency and stakeholder time to value through digital adoption standards at the implementation level

Phase 3: Maximized Value 

  • Achieve maximum ROI through standardization that is enterprise-wise, embedded, and programmatic 

Get Started

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