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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

jQuery Selector Optimizer

Last Updated September 12, 2023
jQuery should be used for edge cases only

We recommend using jQuery as little as possible. Web applications are constantly changing and small updates to the UI and page structure can break any jQuery used.

WalkMe's out of the box element selection adapts to changes in the underlying application without the use of jQuery.

Brief Overview

With most WalkMe items it is possible to freely input jQuery selectors to select elements. The jQuery library has existed for quite a while, but its syntax and way of writing selectors has changed over time.

For users who are not familiar with the latest syntax and use an old-fashioned way of writing jQuery selectors, this can sometimes cause a longer evaluation time. This becomes a problem when users have a lot of content with old-fashioned selectors.

We want to improve WalkMe's performance of finding elements on the page and help you write more efficient selectors.

The 'jQuery Optimizer' detects if a specific selector that you have written can be rewritten with a more modern syntax that would evaluate faster. When it does, it automatically updates the value in the field with the optimized selector, leaving the option to revert the change manually.

jQuery Cheatsheet

For jQuery tips and examples, please refer to our jQuery Cheatsheet

How It Works

This feature is automatically available for any deployable that has the “Define how to identify the element” option within the settings of that particular deployable:

Optimization examples

Before optimization After Optimization
[class="foo"] .foo
[class="foo bar"]
[id="foo"] #foo
[class="foo bar"] [id="foo"] .foo #bar

Steps for using the JQuery Optimizer

  1. Open any deployable with a Selected Element.
  2. Click the Selected Element tab:
  3. Select jQuery selector in the “Define how to identify the element” section:
  4. Fill value written in an old-fashioned way, for example: [class="foo bar"], and click out of the input field:
  5. Watch the magic of your selector being optimized!

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