Mobile: How To Integrate, Update, and Set Up the WalkMe Mobile SDK

Last Updated November 8, 2022

Integrating and Updating the WalkMe Mobile SDK

For details on integrating and updating the SDK, please reference the following KB sections:

Tracked Events (Goals) and User Attributes

Setting up Tracked Events and User Attributes using the WalkMe Mobile SDK APIs can help you leverage WalkMe’s segmentation capabilities, better target end-users, and enhance your WalkMe Mobile solution.

We recommend setting up Tracked Events and User Attributes as soon as the SDK is integrated.

Deep links are links to specific locations within your app, similar to web URLs. In WalkMe Mobile, deep links are useful for directly sending users to specific locations where they can start Walk-Thrus or engage with features.

If your app is not already set up with deep links to key app screens, we recommend setting them up when integrating the WalkMe Mobile SDK so they can be utilized in the WalkMe Mobile content moderation process.

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