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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Mobile: How To Set Up Servers For Self-Hosting

Last Updated July 18, 2022

Brief Overview

This article covers best practices for setting up your local server for the WalkMe Mobile self-hosted hosting option, including server requirements, server configuration, and folder setup.


  1. Server Storage;
    • Files can be placed on any web server with SSL support (e.g., S3, Apache, IIS, Nginx, etc.) based on Windows, Linux or macOS;
    • The destination server and folder where the files will be stored is accessible to all end-user devices.
  2. If using HTTPS (recommended), ensure there is a valid SSL certificate on the destination server;
    • The server's SSL certificate must include the domains that will be used for the location of the WalkMe files.
  3. DNS Server.

Steps For Setting Up Self-Hosting For WalkMe Mobile

*If you're using a location on an existing server, the server may already be properly configured. If so, skip to step #3.

  1. Configure your DNS server to include the new domain that holds the path for the WalkMe Mobile files;
  2. If using HTTPS (recommended), issue a new web server certificate with the WalkMe domain;
  3. Create a folder on the web server where the files will be stored. If you plan to self-host the files for multiple environments (i.e., Test vs. Production), create a specific sub-folder for each environment;
  4. Log in to the WalkMe Mobile Console;
  5. Navigate to App Settings –> Self Hosting (tab);
  6. Generate a new self-hosting zip file or download the latest self-hosting zip file;
  7. Extract the self-hosting zip file content into the folder you created at your web server.

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