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Work flows better with WalkMe.

Session Playback New Infrastructure

Last Updated December 29, 2020

Brief Overview

Insights Session playback has a new infrastructure to ensure the stability of the Session Playback feature. Use this article to help you understand the differences in the Session playback functionality once it has been migrated to this new infrastructure.

For more information on Session Playbacks with Insights

This new infrastructure ensures the stability of the Session Playback feature, eliminates user identification issues, and reduces data discrepancies in session numbers, solving issues like:

  • Corrupted user IDs in Session Playback.
  • The overall stability of the Session Playback page and playback mechanism.

What to expect - Main differences

Session playback page

  • Live sessions - With this change, live sessions will no longer be presented in the Session Playback list. Sessions will become available for playback after closed. Live session support will be restored in the future.

  • Sorting of the playback list by session score will no longer be supported.
  • Filtering by session settings is not going to be supported
    • Filtering by session status: sessions that were marked as favorites or sessions with notes. (Please notice that it is possible to add notes to the session playback).
  • OS Version is no longer available (only OS type)

  • Sessions in “Processing” state - these are sessions that have ended, while the session score and timeline data is still being processed, hence not available in the session playback page.

Funnels page

  • The Sessions Playback list that is displayed when clicking on a Funnel phase is limited to 200 playbacks.

Tracked events setup page

  • Recorded occurrences - displays the latest "closed" Sessions Playback. Once Live sessions support will be restored, it will display recent sessions data, including live sessions.

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