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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Workday®: Best Practices for Building WalkMe Apps the Smart Way

Last Updated July 12, 2023

Smart Walk-Thru Best Practices

  • Create short navigational Smart Walk-Thrus to get your users to the correct place
  • Create simple flows - We recommend keeping flow below 20 steps (ideally, with 8-10 contextual balloons)
  • Use one balloon per page
  • Build modular flows (i.e., "mini" Smart Walk-Thrus that are initiated from a Launcher or a SmartTip)
  • Use the Workday® error validations; no need to add WalkMe validations on top of it. (Such as Error loops)
  • Avoid adding balloons in forms, use SmartTips instead
  • Make use of GIFs and inline images to explain complex processes
    • for example, use GIFs to highlight the three dots that the user must hover over on a user profile and for things that are not intuitive

SmartTip Best Practices

  • SmartTip Best Practices
  • Use SmartTips in place of long Smart Walk-Thrus for contextual guidance
  • Use SmartTips to guide users through forms
  • Make sure you capture the entire field area (input and name together) and always locate your SmartTip on the same side for each field areas (either next to the name -- on the left -- every time or next to the input -- on the right -- every time)
  • Use a SmartTip icon so users have the option to view additional information
    • This way users will always find guidance when interacting with the element:
  • Use Hover SmartTips for very important information
  • In the WalkMe Editor, organize SmartTip Sets per page, not per process
  • Use a consistent naming convention to better identify Sets
    • For example: “Job Requisition- Compensation Form”
  • You can use the red asterisk icon from the Editor to mark mandatory fields:

Launcher Best Practices

  • Place Launchers in strategic places in your website, and use them to initiate Smart Walk-Thrus
    • Focus on places from where a user might want to start a process
  • Use invisible Launchers to block fields users shouldn't interact with

ShoutOut Best Practices

  • A well-timed ShoutOut at the beginning or end of a quarter can help push staff to complete performance review processes right from the home page:

  • Use a ShoutOut to launch frequent processes from strategic locations in your site
  • ShoutOuts and Smart Walk-Thrus should never be set to Auto Play “Always"

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