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Mobile: Getting Started With WalkMe Mobile (6)

  • Last Update October 16, 2020

    Mobile: What is WalkMe Mobile and How Is It Used?

    Brief Overview  WalkMe Mobile is WalkMe’s digital adoption platform for Native and Hybrid mobile applications. WalkMe Web and WalkMe Mobile are built on different technologies and have different capabilities. Some examples of the differences include...
  • Last Update December 31, 2018

    Mobile: Mobile Apps Glossary

    Brief Overview This glossary provides a brief intro to general mobile app terminology, and contains definitions to terms you will see used throughout the Mobile Apps category. You may wish to keep this page...
  • Last Update July 14, 2019

    Mobile: What Are Campaigns and How Are They Used?

    Brief Overview Campaigns are the different types of customer-facing WalkMe content you can create using WalkMe Mobile. WalkMe Mobile has four campaign types: Walk-Thrus, Launchers, ShoutOuts, and Surveys. Additionally, there is a web-view functionality that allows you...
  • Last Update July 28, 2019

    Mobile App Daily Summary Email

    Brief Overview By subscribing to the App daily summary email you can receive a custom report which includes informative data regarding your app’s activities, such as daily active users, total Impressions and more. You...
  • Last Update January 2, 2020

    WalkMe Mobile Access Requirements

    Requirements for the WalkMe Mobile Console In order to use Campaign editing and access the mobile Dashboards in the WalkMe Mobile Console, make sure to have the following domains whitelisted by your IT team....
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