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Mobile: Getting Started With WalkMe Mobile (8)

  • Last Update December 5, 2021

    Mobile Activity Logs

    The Activity Log is a simple collaboration tool for you to keep track of changes made to items in your account, including the time/date, user, system, action, description. The Short Version The Mobile Activity...
  • Last Update October 28, 2021

    WalkMe Mobile User Management – Roles & Permissions

    Brief Overview WalkMe Mobile now supports different role types for users with access to the mobile console and power mode. Configuring role types allows for organizations to manage the users collaborating on WalkMe Mobile...
  • Last Update January 10, 2022

    WalkMe Mobile Access Requirements

    In order to use Campaign editing and access the mobile Dashboards in the WalkMe Mobile Console, make sure to have these domains whitelisted by your IT team.
  • Last Update March 28, 2021

    Mobile App Daily Summary Email

    Subscribing to the App daily summary email lets you receive a custom report which includes informative data regarding your app’s activities, such as daily active users, total Impressions, and more.
  • Last Update March 28, 2021

    Mobile: Mobile Apps Glossary

    This glossary provides a brief intro to general mobile app terminology and contains definitions to terms you will see used throughout the Mobile Apps category.
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