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WalkMe Mobile User Management – Roles & Permissions

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Brief Overview

WalkMe Mobile now supports different role types for users with access to the mobile console and power mode.

Configuring role types allows for organizations to manage the users collaborating on WalkMe Mobile projects.

Role Types

The three role types are:

  1. Content Editor
    • Create and edit campaigns, segments, goals, etc
    • Capture steps, elements, screens in power mode
  2. Publisher
    • Publish campaigns and goals
  3. Admin
    • App management in the console
    • Create and download reports

How it Works

Roles are defined in Mobile back-office on the user details screen.

Note: Please reach out to your WalkMe rep to enable User Roles.

Role types can be configured in tandem so a single user can have multiple roles assigned.

Note: A user with no role assigned (default state) has no limitations.

Role Permissions

For a full breakdown of each role and respective permissions review the table below:

WalkMe Modules




Content Moderator

My Campaigns

Campaigns Edit View View Moderate
Copy View View Moderate
Delete View View Moderate
Create Label View View Moderate
Edit/Create Campaign Edit Campaign View View Moderate
Edit Auto Play View View Moderate
Publish Status View Moderate View


App Settings General Moderate No Access No Access
Self hosted Moderate No Access No Access
Segments View View Moderate
Goals View View Moderate
User Attributes View View Moderate
Screens View View Moderate
Elements View View Moderate
Languages Add new language View View Moderate
Import View View Moderate
Export View View Moderate
Open export list View View Moderate
Translation > Save View View Moderate
Media and lists Add new View View Moderate
Delete View View Moderate
Add a list View View Moderate
Add new app Moderate View View
Delete app Moderate View View
Dashboard Reports Create Moderate View View
Download Moderate View View
Power Mode Integration Login to power mode for first time Moderate No Access No Access
Capture SWT, Screens, Elements No Access No Access Moderate
Preview & Simulate Campaigns Moderate Moderate Moderate
Captured Items Screens, Elements Moderate Moderate Moderate
App Info Access all info Moderate Moderate Moderate

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