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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Mobile: Operating Systems, Device Compatibility and Performance Impact

Last Updated March 28, 2024

OS and Native Languages Supported

Operating Systems

The iOS WalkMe Mobile SDK is compatible with iOS 11.0+ (iOS 8.0+ for SDK versions prior to 2.16.0), while the Android WalkMe Mobile SDK is compatible with Android 4.1 (code-name “Jelly Bean”) and above.

Native Language Types


  • Java / Kotlin


  • Objective C / Swift.

Semi-Native (written in other languages but compiles to native code)

  • React Native – JavaScript;
  • Xamarin – C#.

Hybrid (native app with web components)

  • PhoneGap;
  • Cordova.

Performance Impact

The WalkMe Mobile SDK should not affect the application performance, as it uses low-level OS APIs to optimize its performance.

Battery Consumption

The WalkMe Mobile SDK works at a very low sample-rate, so it should not affect your app's battery consumption.


The WalkMe Mobile SDK is designed and built to run with as minimal a footprint as possible. In a benchmark made on iPhone 4, the maximum CPU usage (at peak) was around 4%.


The WalkMe Mobile SDK sends data to the backend to better trace the end-user journey and facilitate Segmentation. The SDK network consumption for an average session depends on the amount of campaigns and tracked events in the implementation:

WalkMe Performance based on implementation size
  Heavy Light
Incoming Outgoing Incoming Outgoing
iOS 600 KB 55 KB 60 KB 50 KB
Android 213 KB 94 KB 155 KB 85 KB

Heavy implementation

  • 30-33 Walk-Thrus;
  • 18-27 ShoutOuts;
  • 8-12 Launchers.

Light implementation

  • 5-10 Walk-Thrus;
  • 3-7 ShoutOuts;
  • 2-5 Launchers.

WalkMe SDK File Sizes

  • The iOS WalkMe Mobile SDK is usually 4-6 MB;
    • written in Obj-C
  • The Android WalkMe Mobile SDK is about 1 MB.
    • written in Java

Supported Devices/Screen Sizes

WalkMe Mobile supports all iOS devices and iOS versions.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the vast number of Android devices available on the market, we suggest that customers use the device preview functionality within the WYSIWYG of the Mobile Console to preview the created content on devices they plan to implement on (including for iOS devices as well). Please note that you can segment campaigns to different devices if needed.

WalkMe cannot guarantee that content will render the same across all devices, but the functionality to check before publishing is available in the Console as follows:

Mobile Console > MY CAMPAIGNS > Select a campaign > EDIT CAMPAIGN > PREVIEW DEVICE

Supported Browsers

The WalkMe Mobile Console is currently only supported in Chrome web browsers.

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