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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Mobile: What Are Campaigns and How Are They Used?

Last Updated July 18, 2022

Brief Overview

Campaigns are the different types of customer-facing WalkMe content you can create using WalkMe Mobile. WalkMe Mobile has four campaign typesSmart Walk-ThrusLaunchersShoutOuts, and Surveys. Additionally, there is a web-view functionality that allows you to add web videos and articles to a ShoutOut (similar to WalkMe Web's Resources app).

Though WalkMe Mobile campaigns share names and superficial similarity with their WalkMe Web counterparts, they differ in some crucial respects. To learn more about these differences, as well as the ins-and-outs of building and editing campaigns, read each campaign's respective intro article, linked to from this article (see first paragraph above).

When building WalkMe Mobile content, there are only two states: published and unpublished. Campaigns can either be triggered automatically (similar to WalkMe Web's Auto Play), linked to from other campaigns, or triggered via API call. WalkMe implements capping for the number of campaigns that can be auto-played per end-user session.

Use Cases

Campaign use cases include the following:

  • Smart Walk-Thrus: Guide end-users directly on the app's UI toward a smooth onboarding experience, feature adoption, better UX and realization of business goals;
  • Launchers: Let end-users actively access guidance by providing them with a button or banner that, when clicked, launches another campaign;
  • ShoutOuts: Send end-users messages through the app, e.g., reminders to update their app version, to review the app on the app store, or to perform actions in the app;
  • Surveys: enable your customers to share their opinions in numerous ways;
  • "Resources" (web-view): Share articles, videos, and other content available on the web with your users, all from within the app.
    • Surveys are supported via embedding a web survey in a web-view element (e.g., a Google Form).

Building Campaigns

To learn more about building and editing the various campaigns, please visit each campaign-type's respective article (linked above).

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Every campaign you design using the WYSIWYG editor may appear differently on different screen sizes. The WYSIWYG's option to preview by device-type is a good way to test your campaigns, but there may still be small discrepancies when a campaign is rendered on an actual device. As such, we recommend the following best practices:

  • Test campaign UI on different devices using the Power Mode's Preview functionality;
  • Adjust campaigns in the WYSIWYG and use the SAVE button to locally save the changes;
  • Use the Refresh Campaign option when previewing in order to re-fetch the saved version.

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