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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Mobile: Mobile Console (7)

  • Last Update July 2, 2024

    Mobile: Reports Glossary

    Brief Overview This article contains a list of commonly used reports and their parameters that are available when creating custom reports in the Mobile Console. Learn more about the mobile reports tab here.  Common...

  • Last Update July 26, 2022

    A/B Testing in Mobile

    Brief Overview WalkMe Mobile AB testing allows you to manage any new campaigns or changes in a way that will ensure your users are getting the best experience. Having the ability to experiment with...

  • Last Update July 19, 2022

    WalkMe Mobile Multi Language

    WalkMe Mobile now supports translating WalkMe content to multiple languages.

  • Last Update July 21, 2024

    Mobile Reports Tab

    Custom reports allow you to follow your users’ behavior from within the app.

  • Last Update September 22, 2022

    Mobile: What Is The MY CAMPAIGNS Tab and How Is It Used?

    The MY CAMPAIGNS tab is your in-Console content creation and customization home-base.

  • Last Update July 19, 2022

    Mobile: What Is The SETTINGS Tab and How Is It Used?

    The SETTINGS tab in the Mobile Console contains some of your most important WalkMe Mobile admin controls.

  • Last Update November 8, 2022

    Mobile: What Is the Mobile Console and How Is It Used?

    The Mobile Console is your web-based home base for WalkMe Mobile building, customization, analytics and support.