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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

A/B Testing in Mobile

Last Updated July 26, 2022

Brief Overview

WalkMe Mobile AB testing allows you to manage any new campaigns or changes in a way that will ensure your users are getting the best experience. Having the ability to experiment with multiple versions of a campaign simultaneously provides more value to UI/UX designers and marketing teams, while also maintaining a seamless experience for your end-users. 

How It Works

In the Mobile Console, users manage AB Tests by creating groups, adding campaigns, and assigning percentages.

In App Settings, you will see a new tab called A/B Testing. Here you can view a list of all the A/B Test groups created, including:

  • Indicators for the number of campaigns in use
  • The last modified date; and
  • Whether the A/B Test is active or inactive

Limitations: Supported from SDK 2.14.0 for both iOS and Android.

Use Cases

Common use cases include:

  • Multiple versions of the same campaign (different images, text, etc)
  • Single campaign to % of user base
  • Control group (sees no campaign)

Creating an A/B Test

From the App Settings (Settings>App Settings):

    1. Go to A/B Tests tab.
    2. Click New A/B Test to display the test builder. 
      • An entry for the control group is predefined with 0%. 
    3. Type the Group Name.
    4. Click Add Campaign and select the desired campaign from the dropdown.
      • Repeat this step for up to 9 entries.
    5. Assign percentages as desired.
      • Sum of percentages must equal 100.
    6. Mark the test as Active.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Publish the campaigns.

Note the following:

  • Default max number of simultaneous active A/B Tests is 5.
  • If the same campaign appears in multiple A/B groups, and a user gets assigned this campaign more than once, the user will get the campaign once.

Reviewing Results

Once A/B Tests have run their course, you can review the campaign engagement and compare the impressions/clicks between the campaigns in each test.

Download the “A/B Testing Campaign Engagement” report.

Check out more about the Mobile Reports Tab.

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