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Mobile: What Is The SETTINGS Tab and How Is It Used?

Updated on July 15, 2018
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Brief Overview

The SETTINGS tab in the Mobile Console contains some of your most important WalkMe Mobile admin controls, including the following:

  • A WalkMe Mobile SDK kill-switch in the unlikely event of SDK-related app performance issues.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of your end-users’ devices’ SDK and app versions.
  • The ability to specify capping for Campaigns with Static Trigger.
  • The ability to enable, disable and customize Power Mode.
  • A repository for all your WalkMe Mobile segments, Goals, User Attributes, captured screens and Elements.

Use Cases

SETTINGS tab use cases include the following:

  • Configure WalkMe Mobile.
  • Consult the SDK VERSION DISTRIBUTION section to effectively segment your WalkMe content per your end-users’ app and SDK versions’ capabilities.
  • Get a bird’s-eye-view of all of your various segments and Segmentation variables (Goals, User Attributes, and captured screens and Elements).

SETTINGS Tab Options

When you click on the SETTINGS tab, the dropdown menu will reveal the following options:

  • App Settings
  • Media and Lists
  • Logout

App Settings

The App Settings section contains numerous tabs:

  • GENERAL tab: This tab holds general configurations for the app itself, including the following:
    • The SDK kill-switch (the green check-box labeled “Active”).
    • App “Debug mode” activation option (click on gear icon > Debug Mode): this results in the next app session connecting from the same IP to present SDK logs.
    • App admin configuration options for:
      • App type (Native / Hybrid).
      • Capping for the number of Campaigns to be activated by “Static” trigger on a single session.
      • Power Mode configuration for activation:
    • The GENERAL tab also presents the following information:
      • The SDK version distribution information.
      • The App Key and App Secret.
      • App integration instructions for manual integration.
  • App variable tabs: In these tabs you can review and delete existing app variables, and, where applicable, create new ones. The available app variables are:
    • Segments
    • Goals
    • User Attributes
    • Screens
    • Elements

Media and Lists

This is where you can upload, view and delete your media assets (the images you will use in your Campaigns), and your TXT/CSV files containing end-user IDs of users you would like to target or exclude from targeting.


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