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Brief Overview

Custom reports allow you to follow your users’ behavior from within the app. Giving you the ability to export to an excel format document with all the necessary analytics properties regarding your app and its users’ behavior, including goals reached, time spent on the app screens, common campaign actions and more.

Reports are enabled through the mobile back office in the app level. Please contact your WalkMe Mobile representative to enable reports.

Use Cases

  • Analyze your app’s activities in a more raw data format or using external tools;
  • Collaborate Mobile reports with more people, including those who are not WalkMe Mobile users;
  • Analyze your users’ behavior and create new campaigns based on that data.

Generating a report?

Mobile Reports are created per app.

There are several different report types available, to generate a specific report type, different information has to be provided.

For instance, the Walk-Thru Steps Funnel report requires that you select a date range, a Walk-Thru name, and an App Version, whereas the Average Time on Screen report only requires that you select a date range.

Note: Report date range is limited to one month time frame

Once you’ve selected your report-type and have provided the required information, click the CREATE REPORT button, and wait for the email confirmation that your report is available. Once it is available, the report will appear in the REPORTS Tab.

Report Types

Walk-Thru steps funnel

Provides data on how many users were exposed to each step and out of them how many interacted with that step in a specific Walk-Thru.

Average Time on Screen

Provides data on what is the average time users spend on each captured screen inside an app.

Goals funnel

Provides data on how many users reach goal number two out of the user who reached goal number one within a day or a session.

Goals Reached after Campaign 

Provides data on how many users reach the chosen goal after they interacted with the chosen Campaign, it will show you the breakdown of the users according to the Campaign’s actions.

Campaign Action Breakdown

Provides impression and click data on how many users interacted with a Campaign’s Action.

Survey Raw Data Response

Shows all the responses for a specific survey.

Survey Response

Displays a summary view of the average responses of a specific survey, in an overview format.

App users who reach a goal

Provides data on how many users reach a specific goal during a chosen time period.

All Goals Reached Count

Provides data on how many Goals were reached in total during a chosen time period.

Time Elapsed When Campaign Was Seen

Provides time a campaign was seen in a given session. Useful for determining length of an onboarding process for comparison against traditional methods.

Users Per App Version

Provides breakdown of number of users per app version.

Users Permissions Status

Provides breakdown of number of users with each permission enabled. Permissions include push notifications, contacts, location and camera.




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