ActionBot Privacy Mode

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Brief Overview

The ActionBot Privacy Mode blocks conversation parameters entered by end-users (answers and inputs) from being sent and stored on or within WalkMe servers or databases.

ActionBot conversation flow will be calculated on your side ONLY. Meaning that Insights data won’t include users answers.

To enable Privacy Mode

  1. From the Editor, go to All Items dropdown > ActionBots.
  2. In the ActionBots editor, go to the Conversations tab.
  3. Click the Pencil under Actions on the conversation on which you want to enable Privacy Mode.
  4. In Create a character, expand Conversation Settings.
  5. Enable privacy mode.
  6. Click Save Conversation Settings.


Limitations / Restrictions

The following are not supported when Privacy Mode is enabled:

  • Call connection
  • Salesforce connection
  • Workday connection
  • Web Integration action types fetch conversation data from the dialog processor and are incompatible with Privacy Mode

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