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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

ActionBot Privacy Mode

Last Updated May 22, 2024

Brief Overview

The ActionBot Privacy Mode ensures that users' conversation responses are not sent or stored on WalkMe servers or databases.

ActionBot conversation flow will be calculated on your side ONLY. Meaning that Insights data won't include users answers.

How It Works

User Entries to the ActionBot

If using Privacy Mode, user entries are temporarily stored locally and then deleted (not sent to WalkMe Servers).

Responses are stored to the user's local web browser session storage. The storage is cleared once the conversation progresses, unless it needs to be saved and used when the conversation ends in a Smart Walk-Thru. In that case, the data is instead cleared after the SWT is completed. If the user's answers are used to trigger a SWT, and then the SWT is stopped, we clear the data after one minute.

Enable Privacy Mode

  1. Navigate to the Conversations page in the console

    1. US Database:

    2. EU Database:

  2. Click a conversation or the + plus button to create a conversation

  3. Click the Settings button to open to access Conversation Settings (if not already open)

  4. Click the Enable privacy mode toggle

Technical Notes

The following are not supported when Privacy Mode is enabled:

  • Call connection
  • Salesforce connection
  • Workday connection
  • Web Integration action types fetch conversation data from the dialog processor and are incompatible with Privacy Mode

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