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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Applying Insights Data

Last Updated April 3, 2022

Brief Overview

The data collected through Insights can be used to identify users' pain points in various processes on your platform and identify what WalkMe applications could be useful in improving your overall user experience. You can also see which of your WalkMe content is most effective and can be used as a guide for building additional content.

Each page of Insights has a dedicated section below and a guide for how the Insights data can be applied.

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Applying Overview Data

This overview collects all unique users on your overall platform.  This page displays your overall users, where the Apps Overview page displays only your WalkMe users.  Using other WalkMe Insights features here can help you identify the cause of any unexpected changes in your overall user activity.

You can also use this Overview page to view changes in your session data over time, based on the WalkMe content that you create.

Applying Apps Overview Data

User Interactions with WalkMe

WalkMe is only available to a small percentage of my total users

Adding WalkMe content to areas of your platform that have heavy traffic will increase the percentage of your users who view your WalkMe content. Consider how you could incorporate additional WalkMe applications for a more robust solution.

Users are not interacting with WalkMe content

Using AutoPlay Rules in your WalkThrus allows them to play automatically, rather than requiring the user to trigger the WalkThrus from the WalkMe Menu.

Placing Launchers on a page where users are likely to need a specific WalkThru will make it easier for your users to find and play your WalkMe content.

ShoutOuts appear automatically based on AutoPlay rules that you set. ShoutOuts can ensure that users see your WalkMe content when it is most relevant for them.

Applying Smart Walk-Thru Data

Smart WalkThru Analytics: Overview

Smart WalkThru goals are not being reached

If Smart WalkThru goals are not being reached, click the title of the Smart WalkThru to analyze the process in more detail.

Smart WalkThru is not being played frequently

If a Smart WalkThru is not being played at all, consider adding a Launcher, AutoPlay rules, or a mini-menu to increase user engagement.

Overview of Smart WalkThru Analytics: Detailed View

Smart WalkThru goals are not being reached

If the Smart WalkThru goals are not being reached, view the Smart WalkThru Steps Analysis section of this detailed view.  If you notice a step where users exit the WalkThru, review this step in the Editor to ensure that the step is working as expected.

Create a Funnel using Tracked Events to view Session Playback for this process.  Consider adding additional guidance at the point where users stop following the process.

Cut down on the number of steps.  The most successful WalkThrus are no more than 10-12 steps long.  Can any of your balloon steps be replaced by SmartTips?

Review the general Best Practice guidelines for additional guidance on building effective Smart WalkThrus

The Smart WalkThru is not being played frequently

Add an additional engagement method. ShoutOuts and AutoPlay rules can ensure that users see significant WalkThrus.

You can also link Smart WalkThrus to other Smart Walk-Thrus, so that users can engage one WalkThru when completing a related task.

Check to see how the Smart WalkThru is being initiated.  If one of the methods of starting the Smart WalkThru is not working, consider revising that engagement method.

Check the initiator for other, similar Smart WalkThrus.  If there is one engagement method that is more effective for other Smart WalkThrus, consider adding that for this WalkThru as well.

Applying ShoutOut Data

Action Buttons in ShoutOuts are not being clicked

You may want to change the text of the action button. Labeling the action button something that is action-oriented and engaging ensures that users understand the value that they would get from clicking the action button.

If users are not clicking the Action Button in your ShoutOuts, consider adjusting the Cancel AutoPlay rules so that this ShoutOut will AutoPlay once per day until the user clicks the Action button.

Review the ShoutOut Best Practices article can also improve ShoutOut performance.

ShoutOut Goals are not being reached

If users are not reaching the goals of your ShoutOut, determine whether this is due to the Action Buttons in the ShoutOut not being clicked.  If Action Buttons are being clicked, and goals are still not being met, check the goals of the linked Smart WalkThru.

Applying Launcher Data

A Launcher is not being clicked frequently

If a Launcher is not being clicked frequently, it may not be visible or noticeable to users.  Consider adjusting the color, position, or text of the Launcher.  Review the Launcher design best practices for these adjustments.

If a Launcher is not being clicked at all, you may want to check the display conditions of the launcher to ensure that it is visible for all users.

Applying SmartTips Data

User Interactions with SmartTips

Users did not view SmartTips

Adding SmartTips to areas of your platform that have heavy traffic will increase the percentage of your users who view your SmartTips.

SmartTips can only help users once they have already reached the correct page.  To guide users to the appropriate page, consider using a Smart WalkThru or a Shuttle.

One SmartTips Set is being viewed more frequently than others

If you find that one SmartTips Set is being viewed more frequently than others, this may be a process that users find particularly confusing and might benefit from additional WalkMe content.  Consider adding other SmartTips to this set, or adding a Smart WalkThru to guide users through this process.

Applying Menu & Search Data

User Interactions with WalkMe

Users are not accessing the WalkMe menu.

You can increase your users' awareness of the WalkMe menu using the Attention Grabber feature in your Customization menu.

Search results do not result in user action.

Consider adding keywords to your WalkMe content so that it is easier for users to find the content that they are searching for.

If many of your users are searching for guidance on a similar issue, this is likely a good chance for you to add additional WalkMe content to address that need.

Multiple users open the search Menu on the same page.

If one page on your site has a significant number of Menu Opens or Menu Actions, consider adding additional engagement methods for the Smart WalkThrus on this page. ShoutOuts, Launchers, and AutoPlay rules can ensure that users see significant WalkThrus.

Adding SmartTips to this page could also give users additional context for the information presented on this page.

Applying Session Playback Data

Session Playback, when combined with Tracked Events and Funnels, can help you identify the point in your process where users stop following a specific process.  You can also use this playback to compare user activity between different browsers, platforms, and devices.

Applying Tracked Events Data

If a Tracked Event is not getting any interactions, you may want to consider adding additional WalkMe content (Smart WalkThrus, Launchers, or ShoutOut) to encourage users to begin this process.

You can also combine multiple Tracked Events into Funnels, or you can filter the Session Playback results so that you can analyze user behavior surrounding this Tracked Event.

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