Dynamic Text Attributes

Last Updated May 16, 2023

Brief Overview

User Attributes enable you to leverage information about your end-users, such as their role, preferences, subscription and other characteristics, in your WalkMe solution.

Once you have set up a User Attribute in the Editor settings, it can be used to define Segmentation and Rule-Based Goals. If a Segment refers to a User Attribute that is not available for a given end-user, it will be evaluated as false for that end-user.

User Attributes enable you to better identify different categories of their end-users, adding context to WalkMe Mobile segmentation and Rule-Based Goals.

Supported Attribute types:

  1. Variable
  2. WalkMe Data
  3. Cookie
  4. jQuery
  5. Text
  6. On Screen Element
  7. Date

There is no limit on the number of User Attributes that may be set up.

Use Cases

  • Create segments and Goals more closely aligned with your end-users’ needs.
  • Personalize content by adding dynamic text relevant to the end user.

Examples of User Attributes and their Applications

Here are some examples of User Attributes you might set and the way you might use them in a solution:

  • Age:
    • Target a campaign to end-users who are over the age of 18
  • Role:
    • Avoid showing guidance on how to use advanced features to freemium end-users
  • Days registered to service:
    • Prompt service onboarding campaigns only during end-users’ first 15 days using the service
  • Did user create profile:
    • Suggest guidance on how toc create a profile only for end-users who haven’t done so yet
  • Customer groups:
    • Target all of the end-users that have been identified as strong prospects for a specific offering

How It Works

  1. Navigate to the Editor Settings

    Or open the Editor menu and select Dynamic Text Attributes
  2. In the Admin General Settings you will see the Dynamic Text Attributes section
  3. Click “Manage Attributes”
  4. Click “+ Add new” to add your desired attribute

How to Add Attributes from the Rule Engine

  • When using the Logic Rule rule type, builders can also create new and manage existing attributes directly from the Rule Engine.

  • When using On Screen Element, Selected Element, jQuery and Workday (Page, SubPage, Worklet, Inbox Item) rule types, builders can use attributes to compare text.

Tip Tuesday Videos

Use Attributes for Date Calculation

Check out other videos to learn more tips and tricks.

How to guide: Attributes

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