Lock Orientation in Mobile

Last Updated July 26, 2022

Brief Overview

Accounting for various device dimensions can be tricky with precise design requirements. Some designs are best fitted for a specific orientation.

To account for these scenarios and prevent poor user experiences, we’ve added the ability to lock the orientation of a WalkMe campaign. This means that if a design is meant for a specific orientation, you can now prevent it from being viewed in another.

You can lock these orientations based on your needs:

  • Portrait: For designs like images, shapes, etc.
  • Landscape: For designs like  videos, shapes, long text, etc.

Limitations: Supported from SDK 2.14.0 for both iOS and Android.

Lock Orientation in the Console

In the Mobile console:

  1. Go to My Campaigns.
  2. Click the relevant campaign to display the visual editor
  3. Go to the Format panel > Properties > Appearance >  Lock Orientation.
  4. Choose between the following options:
    1. None – Campaign will rotate freely with device rotation.
    2. Portrait – Campaign will be locked in portrait orientation.
    3. Landscape –  Campaign will be locked in landscape orientation.
  5. Click Save.

If you want a campaign which you’ve locked to a specific orientation to only play if the device is in that orientation, apply a target audience rule defining the specific orientation to be true.

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