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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Product Updates: June, 2016

Last Updated February 21, 2019

June '16 release, WalkMe delivers updates to improve your experience.

How to Use the Product Updates

  • The release notes give you brief, high-level descriptions of new and updated WalkMe features.

How will the new update become available?

Our new updates will be available on June 26th. Once the updates have been released, you can log into the Editor where you will be prompted to upgrade your software. Your current Implementation will not be affected by the update until you publish it again. For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, contact your Customer Solution Manager, or, to learn how you can gain access to these new features.

Feature Updates

Updates to the Rule Engine

  • Easily reorder your rules to increase performance and efficiency
  • Move individual rules or groups
    • Be sure to check that your AND/OR operators are still accurate
  • Text boxes will now expand making it easy to see the rules that you've added
  • Use Regular Expression in the Rule Engine to create powerful validation Rules
  • Use this in jQuery Element, Select Element, and On Screen Element Rule types


  • Validate that a field contains a Brazilian Phone Number
  • Validate that a password field contains at least 8 characters and an uppercase and lowercase letter
  • Regular Expression is a feature that must be enabled by WalkMe. Contact your CSM for more information.

New Survey Options

  • Show your questions 1 by 1
    • Each question can now appear in its own balloon rather than one long survey
  • Add a Free Text Option to Your Multiple Choice Questions
  • Deliver NPS surveys to your end users

NOTE: If you are interested in creating an NPS Survey or adding a free text option to your questions, contact your CSM for more information.

ShoutOut “Snooze” Remind Me Later

Increase engagement by allowing users to take action in a ShoutOut when it's convenient for them

  • Clicking the “close” button can now perform two additional actions
    • Remind me next time
      • This will replay the ShoutOut the next time the page refreshes and the Segmentation rules are met
    • Remind me after one day
      • This will Replay the ShoutOut the next day when the Segmentation rules are met

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