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The WalkMe widget on my website is appearing intermittently or not appearing at all. What’s going on?

Possible Solution

There are a few reasons why you’re widget might not be appearing:

Is your Editor open?

Your Widget and published content will not appear when the Editor is open. Shut down the Editor first, and then restart your browser to see your published WalkMe content.

Is your Editor Menu Organizer empty?

If you have not published any Walk-Thrus, Shuttles, Resources, or Tasks, there will be no items in the Player Menu and the widget will not appear. Additionally, even if you did publish content but your Menu Organizer is empty, the Widget will not appear.

How to find the Menu Organizer:

  1. Open the WalkMe Editor
  2. Click Publish in the Admin Bar
  3. The Menu Organizer is the column on the right

If the Menu Organizer is empty, that means no items are published and the WalkMe widget will not appear. Once you have created and published Walk-Thrus and they appear in the Menu Organizer (on the right), the Widget will be present.

Is your Widget segmented to appear only for certain users?

If your Widget is segmented to appear for specific users or in certain scenarios only, this may be the root cause for the issue.

How to review and adjust the Widget segmentation rules:

  1. Click the Customize tab
  2. Click Customize Player
  3. Click  the last tab – Settings – on the far right
  4. Go to Display Conditions and review if there are any rules preventing your Widget from appearing
  5. Perform a blank publish to your desired environment by following the following steps:
  6. Click the the Publish tab
  7. Click Publish
  8. De-select all Walk-Thrus
  9. Select your desired environment
  10. Click Publish to Test/Production

Is your Player Menu set to only display Onboarding?

If your Player Menu is set to only show Onboarding and there are no Onboarding tasks published, the widget will not appear.

How to turn off/on Display Only Onboarding:

  1. In the App Center, Open the Onboarding App
  2. Click Onboarding Settings
  3. Turn off/on the toggle by Display Only Onboarding in Menu

Is WalkMe enabled on your site?

To determine if WalkMe is enabled on your site:

  1. Open Developer Tools (press F12 or right click > Inspect Element)
  2. Select the Console tab
  3. In the console, type WalkMeAPI and click Enter. If there is no error or undefined message, then WalkMe is callable.
  4. If WalkMe is callable, it is enabled on your site. If not callable, WalkMe is not enabled on your site. Continue checking other solutions.

If WalkMe is enabled via the snippet, is there a problem with the code?

If you’ve embedded the snippet to your site, make sure the Snippet is embedded correctly by reviewing the following steps:

  1. Go to Publish > Snippet tab and make sure that WalkMe is enabled:
  2. Make sure the production snippet is embedded in your production
  3. Make sure that your test snippet is embedded in your test environment.

If WalkMe is enabled via an extension, have new URLs been added to your processes?

If you’re using an extension to deploy WalkMe and have added new URLs to your processes that were not taken into account when the extension was created, turn to your CSM for assistance.

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