ShoutOut Not Appearing or AutoPlaying

Last Updated August 11, 2021


My ShoutOut isn’t playing on the page where I expect to see it.


There are several factors that can affect a from ShoutOut appearing:


  • Is the autoplay frequency set to once or once a day? Does clearing the browser cache and cookies allow for the ShoutOut to appear?
    • Autoplay frequency is based on browser – if you’ve already encountered the ShoutOut in your testing, you may need to test using a different browser or by clearing your cache and cookies to see it again.

Cancel Autoplay

  • Are one or more of the cancel autoplay options checked? If so, the autoplay will stop playing when that option is interacted with.
    • Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies to clear out the “cancel autoplay” key


  • Is there segmentation applied to the ShoutOut?
    1. Check in the Segmentation center if there are any segment tags applied to the ShoutOut;
    2. If so – are any of the segmentation tags valid when the ShoutOut will play?
    3. The ShoutOut will not play if it has segmentation applied that is not valid.


  • Is the correct snippet/environment implemented on the page where the ShoutOut is expected to appear?
  • Can you see if other WalkMe content is loading? If not, refer to the instructions on this article.
  • Is the ShoutOut published to the correct environment?
    • If you’re looking at your Production environment, make sure the ShoutOut is published to Production.

SPA Configuration

  • Does your site behave like a single page application (no page refreshes between navigating to different parts of the site)?
    • If so, is your Editor account properly configured to handle SPA transitions? Reach out to your Account Manager or WalkMe Support if you suspect your application is a single-page application and needs to be configured for such.

Autoplay Rules

  • Autoplay rules are checked on page load by default. Are the autoplay rules based on events that occur after page load?
    • Try to keep the autoplay rules as “light” as possible (using URL only rules and/or window variables, or elements that are visible immediately after the page has finished loading).
  • If there are multiple rules in the Rule Engine, are they grouped correctly and using the correct operators (and/or)?
    • See here for best practices when using multiple statements in the Rule Engine.

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