Surveys, Onboarding and ShoutOuts (5)

  • Last Update August 11, 2021

    ShoutOut Appearing Too Frequently

    Issue A ShoutOut is playing for users when it shouldn’t be, either by playing more than the designated frequency settings, or in spite of the segmentation/Auto-play rules that have been configured. Solution   Check the...

  • Last Update April 4, 2022

    Can I Add Segmentation to ShoutOuts?

    Issue Is it possible to add segmentation to ShoutOuts?  Solution Yes, you can add segmentation to ShoutOuts by assigning segment tags to them.  To do this: Navigate to the ShoutOuts app in the Editor...

  • Last Update August 11, 2021

    ShoutOut Not Appearing or AutoPlaying

    Issue My ShoutOut isn’t playing on the page where I expect to see it. Solution There are several factors that can affect a from ShoutOut appearing: Frequency Is the autoplay frequency set to once...

  • Last Update May 22, 2022

    Onboarding Tasks Are Not Crossing Off

    Issue Onboarding Tasks are not getting crossed off in the Menu upon completion. Solution To begin, let’s review task statuses. An Onboarding Task can be incomplete or complete. An incomplete task will appear clear...

  • Last Update October 23, 2020

    Can I add a survey to the player menu?

    Issue How can I add a Survey to the Player Menu? Solution Surveys are typically played automatically with an AutoPlay Rule, opened with a Launcher, or started at the end of a Walk-Thru. In...

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