Onboarding Tasks Are Not Crossing Off

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When I test my Onboarding Tasks, I see that they are not getting crossed off in the Menu.


Check the following:

Onboarding Settings

  1. In the Onboarding app, click the gear icon
  2. Confirm “Strike out completed tasks” is set to “On”

User Tracking Settings

  1. Confirm user tracking is set up in your Editor
    • It is recommended to use an identifier that remains stable and consistent, such as a Cookie, Variable, or jQuery selector
  2. If user tracking is set up, log into the environment where the tasks are not crossing off
  3. After completing the task, open the browser’s dev console and enter: _walkMe.getEndUserGuid()

If the result does not match what you would expect to return from the identifier, this means there is an issue with the user tracking method.

For further assistance, reach out to support@walkme.com


  1. If your Task is set to complete by a Goal, check the rules of the Goal
    1. Try to complete the rules of the Goal; do they show as “true” in the Rule Engine after completing them?
      1. If not, the rule may be set up incorrectly. Check the syntax and logic of your rule and confirm they are set up correctly
      2. If the rule seems to be correct, reach out to support@walkme.com for further assistance
  2. If your Task is set to complete by Walk-Thru completion, check the following:
    • Does your Smart Walk-Thru end in a “Connect to” step? If so, you will not be able to use “Smart Walk-Thru completed” as the Task completion method
      • Instead, you can set a WalkMe Data step before the “Connect to” step and create a goal based on the WalkMe Data existing.

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