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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Not Appearing in your Environment?

Last Updated November 22, 2023

Brief Overview

Are you finding that WalkMe is not appearing in your environment and you don't know where to begin troubleshooting? Look no further! This article outlines a list of checks that you can perform if you are not seeing multiple pieces of WalkMe content in your environment.  

Editor Checks


  1. Published WalkMe content will not be visible in your environment if the Editor is still open. Please close your Editor and refresh your environment to see if your WalkMe content appears.
  1. Confirm Snippet is enabled for that environment

  2. Confirm there is content in the right-side Menu Organizer:

  3. Confirm that content in the Menu Organizer is published to that environment (it should have a green icon):

Customize Menu

  1. Check that Widget style is enabled:

  2. If none, check Launchers to see if there is a Launcher that opens the Menu instead.
  3. Check that Player is NOT set to “None”:

  4. Check that the Player Menu is not segmented from view in the relevant application (Customize -> Customize Player -> Display Conditions: Update/Set Rules):

    If you are using a Launcher, instead of the Widget, please check the Launcher's segmentation (the Global Segmentation Tags and the Individual Display Segmentation of the Launcher)

Main Screen

  1. Toggle Editor to the relevant environment:

  2. Verify at least some content shows as published (green icon)
  3. Check if published content has segment tags applied

    If so - review the segmentation conditions and verify whether conditions are met in the relevant application

  4. Check Onboarding Settings
    1. Check that “Display Only Onboarding” is not enabled (go to Onboarding settings via the Settings menu)

  5. If Widget is not enabled - check Launcher for the “Menu Launcher” 
    1. Confirm Launcher does not have segment tags applied that would prevent it from appearing in the relevant environment
    2. Confirm Launcher does not have individual segmentation applied that would prevent it from appearing in the relevant environment
    3. Confirm that Launcher can find its element on the page where WalkMe is reported to be down

Confirm That the Extension is Installed and Enabled

One of the two WalkMe deployment methods is the WalkMe Master Extension. This is different from the Editor Extension. This section is only relevant if you have WalkMe deployed to your machine via the Master Extension, rather than the Snippet.

If the result for the API call WalkMe_Extension is false, it's possible that the extension was installed but is currently disabled in the specific browser. The process of verifying whether this is the case varies across different browser types and browser versions. Here are a few examples to start out with:

  • Chrome v80
    1. Click on the 3 dots in the browser's top right corner
    2. Hover over “More Tools”
    3. Click on “Extensions”
  • IE 
    1. Click on the gear icon in the browser's top right corner
    2. Click on “Manage add-ons”

Technical Environment Checks

If the Editor passed all the checks but WalkMe still isn't visible, there are a few advanced troubleshooting steps that you can take to check and see if WalkMe is loading. 

    1. Open the developer tools console and type in the following API command: _walkmeInternals
      1. If it returns as undefined - check the DOM for the snippet or make sure the extension is installed and enabled (above)
      2. If something returns, WalkMe is loading (hooray!)
    2. If _walkmeInternals returns - check _walkmeInternals.removeWalkMeReason
      1. Storage Failed Loading: open a Support ticket
      2. User ID not found: The variable that you've set for your Unique User ID may not defined. This needs to be defined in order for WalkMe to load on your site.  Check to see if the UUID is available by pasting it in the Developer Tools console or using the API command: _walkMe.getEndUserGuid()
        1. If it is defined - please open a ticket with Support so we can investigate further.  
  1. If _walkmeInternals returns but does not have a remove WalkMe reason, try opening the Menu manually using the API command  WalkMePlayerAPI.toggleMenu()
    1. If Menu Opens, this issue is likely caused by segmentation or content not available in Player Menu
    2. If Menu does not open and returns “undefined” - open a Support ticket so we can investigate further
  2. Confirm that the correct environment is loading by using the API command _walkMe.getEnvId()
    1. 0 = WalkMe loaded the account's Production content
    2. 3 = WalkMe loaded the account's Test content
    3. Error = WalkMe did not load

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