Unable to Select Element with WalkMe Editor

Last Updated February 9, 2022


You’re trying to select an element, but nothing happens. There are several symptoms of this behavior:

  1. You are trying to select the element, but when you select it, nothing happens
  2. You are trying to select the element, but a red layover popups and prevents you from selecting it
  3. You are trying to select an element, but the blue highlighter does not appear.

You receive a red overlay and error when trying to select the element

If you see an error that says “Cross domain recording is not possible due to security issues..”, this likely means that your account has not been set up for Cross Domain capturing. Please reach out to your AM/DAC and request your account to be set up for Cross Domain capturing.

You select the element, but nothing happens

This can sometimes happen with sites that are Single Page Applications. Use the “Auto Detect” feature on the Single Page tab in the Editor to confirm that the correct SPA settings are configured.

If the SPA settings are already correct, try refreshing the page and the Editor, or restarting the Editor

You should also determine whether it’s an issue with the site itself, or the Editor. Try building on another site with the affected Editor (such as Wikipedia) to rule out it being an issue with Editor.

You are not able to see the element selector blue highlighter at all

  1. Does it happen only on that site, or on other sites as well (such as Google or Wikipedia)?
  2. Has anyone been able to build on the site previously without any issues?

If none of these instructions allow you to capture a specific element, please contact Support for further investigation.

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