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Last Updated June 11, 2023

Brief Overview

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company. It provides a customer relationship management (CRM) service and enterprise applications (“apps”) focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

The Salesforce integration with Workstation lets you easily find your Salesforce objects within Workstation.

Requires admin configuration

This integration requires configuration from your organization’s WalkMe admin. If you’re the admin, see the Configure a Salesforce App section of this article to configure it. 

Get to Know

Integrating Salesforce with Workstation adds Salesforce objects to the desktop and mobile Workstation enterprise search so you can easily find what you need without leaving Workstation.

Click here to see which Salesforce objects are searched...

Search for the following Salesforce objects:

  1. Lead
  2. Account
  3. Contact
  4. Opportunity
  5. File
  6. Dashboard
  7. Report
  8. Case

Connecting Salesforce on Workstation

  1. In your Workstation, go to Settings -> Integrations
  2. Find Salesforce and click Connect
  3. Sign into Salesforce

If the Salesforce card is not available, contact your WalkMe Owner in your organization and ask to enable Salesforce on Workstation.

Salesforce My CRM Views Widget

You can see your Salesforce list views directly from Workstation. Click the dropdown to change the object type and see its list views. You can further edit which list views you see on the widget, but editing the object type.

To edit a list view:

  1. Open the dropdown
  2. Click Edit
  3. Find the object type that you want to edit
  4. Click the pencil icon 
  5. From edit list views, turn on up to two list views
    • You must have at least 1 list view on
    • Limitation: Only 80 list views will appear for you to choose from
  6. Click Save

Security Overview

Read more about Workstation’s integration security and Workstation’s Enterprise Search.

Configure an App in Salesforce

1. Sign in to Salesforce

2. Click on Setup for current app

3. Navigate to the App Manager using the search

4. Create a New Connected App

5. Fill in this data in the relevant fields

  • Connected App Name: Workstation
  • API Name: Workstation
  • Contact Email: Your email address
  • Enable OAuth Settings: Yes, click the check mark
  • Enable for Device Flow: Yes, click the check mark
  • Callback URL (also known as Redirect URL): Copy and paste these in this order:
    3. http://localhost:3002/app/dev/authenticator-app/salesforce/connected
  • Selected OAuth Scopes: Add ‘Full access (full)’ from the Available OAuth Scopes to the Selected OAuth Scopes:
    • Full access (full)
    • Manage user data via APIs (api)
    • Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
  • Require Secret for Web Server Flow: Yes, click the check mark.
  • Require Secret for Refresh Token Flow: Yes, click the check mark.

6. Press Save

7. Go to the app’s menu click on View

8. On this screen, copy “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” and the Salesforce “domain” (URL)

  • Domain example: If this if your Salesforce domain then copy the only the highlighted part:

9. Go to the WalkMe Console -> Workstation Integrations

10. Edit the configuration of the Salesforce app with the parameters you’ve copied

  • OAuth Client ID is the “Consumer Key”, OAuth Client Secret is the “Consumer Secret”

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