Insights Settings (5)

  • Last Update December 29, 2020

    Using Analytics Properties

    Learn how to use analytics properties (in the form of variables, jQuery selectors, and website cookies) as custom Insights attributes to better filter your Reports.
  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Collecting End Users Data

    Insights' End User Object is the entity storing all the end user's attributes as well as some predefined calculated metrics based on the end user's sessions stats.
  • Last Update September 19, 2021

    Unique User Settings

    Learn how to configure collected data about your end users so all your analytics can be collected in the same terms as the information on your own site.
  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Insights Privacy Settings

    WalkMe's Privacy Settings allow you to disable the collection of properties that might contain personally identifiable information ("PII").
  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Insights Censorship Settings

    With WalkMe Censorship Settings, you can prevent the collection of your users’ sensitive information.
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