Account Based Analytics

Last Updated May 16, 2022

Brief Overview

For SaaS companies who sell into accounts, the user level granularity may not be enough and they would need to track user groups (accounts) in the aspects of engagement and adoption.

By activating the Accounts Based Analytics function, Insights will add the account information on top of end user level, thus grouping specific end users into their parent account.

Supported Methods

  1. Email – Will work if User Identifier is set in the Editor and the assigned value is a standard email

2. API property – Will work with any JavaScript variable that’s accessible via the Window object and will group based on the assigned value (i.e. the assigned value should hold the account name and NOT the email).

Activating this Feature

  1. Navigate to: Production → System settingsAccount level analytics
  2. Toggle on Enable account-level analytics
  3. Select the desired Account identifier from the dropdown (Email or API property) and set the value
  4. Click Save
  5. Perform a settings publish

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