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Last Updated June 20, 2022

Brief Overview

By default, WalkMe does not collect any data inserted into input fields. If you want to collect input fields for Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) and Session Playback mode, this can be configured from the Insights Environment Settings section.

How It Works

Steps for enabling the collection of input fields

To access your current settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Go to the environment of your choice and click Environment Settings
  3. If you wish to enable Collect all input fields values you must reach out to your Customer Success Manager or WalkMe contact

Censoring the inputs of specific elements

Once Collect all input fields data is toggled ON, all input field text will be collected. If there are specific elements in your website that might contain sensitive user information, please make sure to censor those in the element censorship section or by using “wm-hide” in the relevant elements.

Understanding password field censorship

WalkMe never collects keystroke data inside password fields (inputs of type = “password”) and there is no way to change this behavior.

Custom Element Attributes

The attribute selector is used to specifically define an element based on any of its HTML attributes. Which can later be used when defining a Tracked Event using CSS Selectors. In Insights, HTML attributes are used to define a Tracked Event. The HTML attributes which are collected by default are Class and Id. In case you would like to collect additional attributes, it should be first enabled in the “Collection Enablement Settings”

Steps to enable additional attributes collection:

  1. Go to the environment settings.
  2. Go to “collection enablement”.
  3. Go to “custom element attributes”.
  4. Add the HTML attribute you would like to collect, tags should be separated by a comma or space.
  5. After adding the desired attributes to the list, you need to Enter then click Save and Publish the Settings from the Editor account (blank publish).
  6. From now on the specified attributes will be collected.

Page View Collection

As of April 2020, page views are also collected for users in WalkMe Engagement analytics (first collection level ). Customers who wish to opt-out of the collection of Page views can do so in the Environment Settings.

  • Go to the environment settings.
  • Go to the “Censorship & Privacy” tab.
  • Go to “Page View Collection”.
  • Turn off the toggle
  • Click Save Settings and perform a Blank Publish.
Please Note:

The collection of page views is automatically disabled for customers who have turned of the collection of Page URLs and Page Titles in the Censorship & Privacy PII Settings.

For more information on the Sessions Playback tab settings, click here.

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