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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Getting Started with Design and Customization (5)

  • Last Update January 11, 2021

    California Custom Templates

    Learn how to apply custom CSS templates to the WalkMe Editor’s default California Balloon.

  • Last Update March 3, 2024

    Assets Library

    The Assets Library provides a quick and efficient way to upload, host, and delete a file and then add it to a deployable.

  • Last Update March 1, 2023

    Images in Balloons

    Overview When creating content in the Editor, you can add images or GIFs via the Visual Designer. How to Add an Image Open the desired deployable. It can be a balloon, SmartTip, Shoutout etc....

  • Last Update March 14, 2024

    Design Gallery

    Easily create ShoutOuts for different scenarios and update the design of your WalkMe balloons in minutes with pre-designed templates in the Design Gallery.

  • Last Update April 30, 2024

    Rich Text Editor and BBcode

    The Rich Text Editor allows you to design the text inside a balloon or ShoutOut. Add emphasis, personalization, color customization, images, videos, hyperlinks, and more!