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Brief Overview

The Assets Library provides a quick and efficient way to upload/host/delete a file (image, video, etc) and then add this to a deployable by using the link during the build and customization of your app.

Use Cases

  • Upload and host your own assets on WalkMe servers then use them across WalkMe apps.

How it Works

Supported file types

The assets library currently supports the following file types and sizes:

  • Image: .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .SVG
  • Videos: .mp4, .WebM
  • Audio: .mp3
  • Portable Document Format: .PDF
  • Word Documents: .DOC, .DOCX
  • PowerPoint: .PPT, .PPTX


  • Unavailable to “Limited Users”
  • Max file size per type: 25MB
  • 1,000 files total per Editor account
  • 1GB storage capacity per Editor account
  • Naming convention:
    • Special characters not supported

Accessing the Assets Library

To access the assets library, simply click on your user icon in the Editor, the drop-down of the available options will open and then click on “Assets Library”

Upload File

Upload a file and host if on WalkMe servers by clicking on the upload button:

File Overwrite

If a file is uploaded that already exists in the library (same name and type), you will get an overwrite confirmation message.

Delete Image and Copy URL

Click on your Asset file in the Library and select on for the following icons to remove that file permanently or to copy the URL for later use in your apps.

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