ShoutOuts (3)

  • Last Update May 18, 2020

    ShoutOuts: Getting Started Guide

    Brief Overview ShoutOuts are custom balloons designed to draw your user’s attention to the featured text. ShoutOuts can be built with an action button that will launch another WalkMe item; with just one click...
  • Last Update July 29, 2019

    Best Practices for Creating ShoutOuts

    Brief Overview There are two types of ShoutOuts, and each has different best practices: Mission Critical Additional Info (‘Chilled Out ShoutOut’) Mixing these two types is usually not recommended. Try to make these contextual:...
  • Last Update May 10, 2020

    ShoutOuts to Notifications Converter

    Brief Overview With the ShoutOut to Notification Converter, WalkMe Editor users can toggle a Visual Editor ShoutOut between ShoutOut and a Notification in the Engagement settings or Notification audience-engagement settings. Use Case If you...