Best Practices for Creating ShoutOuts

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Brief Overview

There are two types of ShoutOuts, and each has different best practices:

  1. Mission Critical
  2. Additional Info (‘Chilled Out ShoutOut’)

Mixing these two types is usually not recommended. Try to make these contextual: Place them on the page where their appearance is meaningful and relevant. 

Mission Critical ShoutOut Best Practices

  • Spotlight toggled On (the default setting for ShoutOuts);
  • Clicking around the ShoutOut is disabled for the end-user;
  • Use promotional/native text that will convey the message;
  • Keep in mind this ShoutOut type resembles an advertisement, which users tend to close;
  • Don’t just pop these up; instead, show the invitation upon loading a new page.

Additional Info ShoutOut Best Practices

  • Spotlight toggled Off;
  • User is able to click around and continue tasks;
  • Locate the ShoutOut so as to avoid interfering with the user’s flow;
  • Use smaller indicators than with Mission Critical ShoutOuts;
  • Use a simple, straight forward message; 
  • Let the user explore the page for a few seconds before launching the message.


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