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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Best Practices for Creating ShoutOuts

Last Updated April 3, 2022

Brief Overview

ShoutOuts are custom balloons designed to draw your user's attention to the featured text. This article will go over the best practices for using ShoutOuts once you have learned the basics. If you want to learn how to get started with ShoutOuts, please refer to this ShoutOuts: Getting Started Guide.

There are two types of ShoutOuts, and each has different best practices:

  1. Mission Critical
  2. Additional Info ('Chilled Out ShoutOut')

Mixing these two types is usually not recommended. Try to make these contextual: Place them on the page where their appearance is meaningful and relevant. 

Mission Critical ShoutOut Best Practices

  • Spotlight toggled On (the default setting for ShoutOuts);
  • Clicking around the ShoutOut is disabled for the end-user;
  • Use promotional/native text that will convey the message;
  • Keep in mind this ShoutOut type resembles an advertisement, which users tend to close;
  • Don't just pop these up; instead, show the invitation upon loading a new page.

Additional Info ShoutOut Best Practices

  • Spotlight toggled Off;
  • User is able to click around and continue tasks;
  • Locate the ShoutOut so as to avoid interfering with the user's flow;
  • Use smaller indicators than with Mission Critical ShoutOuts;
  • Use a simple, straight forward message; 
  • Let the user explore the page for a few seconds before launching the message.

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