ShoutOuts Overview

Last Updated April 22, 2022

Brief Overview

ShoutOuts are custom balloons designed to draw your user’s attention to the featured text. ShoutOuts can be built with an action button that will launch another WalkMe item; with just one click the user can start a Smart Walk-Thru, play a video, or access an article through a Resource, activate a Shuttle to another page, or open the Player Menu.

When planning your WalkMe solutions, consider how you would like to communicate information to your users.  Instead of relying on your user to seek out information that they might not even know exists, ShoutOuts automatically appear and guarantee users see your message. Add an action button to the ShoutOut that provides additional guidance with a Walk-Thru, important information with a Resource, or a link to a relevant site.

Use Cases

  • Announce site changes
  • Inform users of upcoming site maintenance or downtime
  • Remind trial users of time remaining in a free trial account
  • Direct users to the support portal
  • Prompt employees to complete assigned online tasks
  • Promote new features, promotional events, or premium services

For example, create ShoutOuts for free trial account users that reminds them of the remaining number of days in their trial with an action button that activates a Shuttle to bring them to the upgrade page. Include dynamic text for a more engaging ShoutOut.

Create a ShoutOut

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a ShoutOut, see our ShoutOuts: Getting Starting Guide article.

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