About WalkMe Custom Events

Last Updated January 4, 2022

Brief Overview

With WalkMe Custom Events, you can easily collect any meaningful event on your website or application. A Custom event can be any event that you chose to report to WalkMe, for example, it can be an event that is not available in the application and triggered by a back-end process.

A combination of Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) events that are collected from the user interface by WalkMe and custom events reported by your application, provide a full and comprehensive view of your users’ behavior.

A Custom event can be used just like any other event in the system. You can create filters, tracked events, and funnels using this event.

Use cases

  • Analyze user behavior that’s not available in the user-interface
  • Build a more robust analysis on a vast changing interface

Custom Event API


WalkMeInsightsAPI will be on the window when there is a WalkMe snippet on the page.

Usage: The call should be integrated into the page’s Javascript code by the customer’s

Once being invoked the event is sent to Insights.

Details to know

On success: No feedback (just like regular WalkMe events).

On failure: An exception will be thrown to the browser’s console.

The frequency of events is limited to 20 events/minute, if the frequency is higher than that – the events will be ignored

Value string length is limited to 500 characters,

Using Custom Events in Insights

Creating Tracked Events – read more.

Creating Filters using Custom events – read more

In order to use API events in Funnels, all you need to do is to define a Tracked Event based on this event.

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