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Brief Overview

Introducing a new experience for Windows, MAC, and Web with WalkMe Workstation, part of the WalkMe Desktop offering, which is WalkMe’s guidance solution for Desktop applications. Guide your users through Desktop applications and show notifications right on the user’s screen using the WalkMe Desktop Widget and the Notification Center!

✨New Beta Workstation Version

Why WalkMe Workstation

WalkMe Workstation has 5 main features: Search, Onboarding, Notifications, ShoutOuts, and Shuttles. It is available for Windows and MAC, bringing the WalkMe experience to employees’ desktop, enabling:

  • Targeted, notable notifications
    • Keep your employees informed
    • Convey a notable message to a targeted group
  • A centralized hub for any work process
    • A central place of guidance for employees
    • Create onboarding lists for structured, targeted onboarding
  • Measure productivity
    • See software usage across business processes and applications
    • Learn how processes translated into business productivity with the Business Productivity Dashboard

Getting Started with Workstation

Workstation provides you with many of the standard features in Desktop Integrated, see this guide for the full table.

Step 1. Contact your WalkMe Account Manager, to get the MSI/DMG download link

Step 2. Install the WalkMe Editor and Connector

Step 3. Deployment guide for IT teams

Your WalkMe representative will provide you with 2 packages for deployment. Content builders should use the Test environment package in order to test their content. For mass deployment use the production package.

Step 4. Building Content for Workstation:

Customization of the Workstation widget is also possible! See this guide for instructions on how to make your Widget style suit your business. 

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Step 5. Insights with Desktop

Use Cases

  • Memos – Guide employees through tasks and processes on any legacy desktop application
  • Broadcast – Engage with employees via ShoutOuts and notifications directly on their desktops
  • Digital HubAn “always-on” adoption center to communicate with employees, drive cross-app engagement, or centralize help on desktop

Workstation Examples

Keep employees engaged & informed
Leverage out of the box templates to drive visibility to critical announcements and updates regardless of which application is currently being used by using creative and interactive ShoutOuts that display over any screen:

Gain visibility into software usage and productivity with the Business Productivity Dashboard
Whether times are in disruption or business as usual, gain an in-depth view of software usage across business processes and applications, understand where your users succeed or fail, and streamline software spend by uncovering unused software licenses, duplicate systems, or underachieving platforms.

Ensure business continuity
Ease onboarding of new employees, users or tools without having to rely on in-classroom training by creating intuitive and helpful task lists:

Use the WalkMe Solutions Gallery to help you get started:

New Beta Workstation!

A new version of Workstation is currently in Beta testing and will be available soon. If you would like to participate, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or WalkMe contact.

Below you can see a preview of some of the new features that it will include. Learn more by viewing the Workstation Release Notes page.

Workstation Home

The Workstation Home Screen is the new personalized and customizable tab within Workstation that reveals a new concept of bringing the employee needs right to the primary tab.

The tab consists of Widgets, the employee’s most important and relevant items – all customizable by the end-user.

The goal of the Workstation Home is to put the employees’ needs at the front, to increase productivity, and improve the organization’s tech-stack adoption.

Enterprise Search

Our new powerful Enterprise wide Search instantly provides results from the organization’s WalkMe content and any connected app within the cloud.

Workstation Apps Page

Where employees can connect to additional Apps that are essential to your business, like SharePoint, OneDrive, GitHub, Google Drive, and more.

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