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Last Updated March 26, 2023

Brief Overview

WalkMe Workstation is a centralized hub – deployed directly on the desktop – that simplifies information discovery, employee workflows, communication, and application usage. 

It allows organizations to improve employee engagement through desktop notifications, reduce expenses by promoting employee self-service, and streamline change management by centralizing resources and communication. 

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Why WalkMe Workstation

Improved employee productivity by simplifying information discovery, workflows, communication, and application usage.

Reduced expenses by promoting self-service and reducing traditional training costs.

Improved employee engagement by sending critical communications and initiating workflows directly on the desktop.

Streamlined change management by offering desktop notifications and in-app shoutouts to warn employees of upcoming migrations, and then seamlessly guide them through migrations in the flow of work.

Key Features

Enterprise Search allows users to securely discover applications and resources with a single unified search, providing personalized, AI-powered results. It allows businesses to provide fast and efficient knowledge discovery, eliminating the need to search across multiple disparate data sources.

My Work (Home Screen)

Access frequently used apps and files, view personalized widgets and initiate processes directly within Workstation.  

Desktop Notifications

Send critical announcements directly to an employee’s desktop.

  • Schedule personalized notifications to all employees or specific segments
  • Select ready-made templates or custom designs using a Visual Designer
  • Track engagement analytics and target non-engaged recipients


A centralized location where organizations can connect common resources like apps, articles, tools, or WalkMe guidance of key processes.

  • Create personalized onboarding checklists for new employees
  • Add shortcuts to relevant company resources, business critical tasks, or key applications and xpedite key business processes via quick links to WalkMe guidance


ActionBot is a conversational chat interface that automates repetitive, tedious, and complex processes to drive higher satisfaction and efficiency across the organization.  

  • Empower employees to self-serve for critical processes like opening a support ticket, filling in complex forms, triggering in-app guidance and accessing critical information
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency by automating processes, reducing errors, and eliminating empty clicks across applications

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