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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Understanding Insights Analytics Tools

Last Updated December 29, 2020

Brief Overview

WalkMe Insights is comprised of several analytics tools to help you accomplish your business objectives.


Filter your reports by numerous data types

Insights enables you to filter your reports by numerous data types, including general events, WalkMe Events, Tracked Events, analytics properties, and other captured data properties (e.g., browser, device, geo-location and user).

You can then use these to create and save filters, so you can reuse filter combinations along with any conditions and values you've added to the filter statements.

Filters are available in nearly every Insights page.

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Evaluate your digital adoption with ease

The Insights Features page is your one-stop shop for creating new Features (only available once your WalkMe contact has enabled Insights Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) Level (previously known as UBT) on your account and evaluating your users' adoption of and engagement with your Features.

Features are items you create from your existing Tracked Events that you can then view on the Tracked Events Dashboard. The dashboard tracks user adoption (the number of users who've used the Feature at least one time), and engagement (the intensity and frequency of users' usage of a Feature).

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Send your users on the path to success

WalkMe Insights Funnels (only available once your WalkMe contact has enabled Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) on your account) help you understand your users' paths to successfully completing your WalkMe Goals.

A Funnel is a pre-defined sequence of events that a user progresses through on your website. Funnels are made up of individual Tracked Events arranged in sequential order. 

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Receive periodic updates with the click of a button

The Insights Reports page is your home base for reviewing, exporting, and subscribing to your Insights common and custom reports.  If you subscribe to a report, a scheduled email will be sent to a recipient list of your choosing.

If you would like to create a new report that does not currently appear in your Reports Page, please contact your WalkMe contact.

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