Logging in or Connecting to Mobile Workstation

Last Updated March 27, 2023

Brief Overview

After you install the mobile Workstation app, there are two ways to log in:

  • Connect devices if you already have Workstation
  • Login for the first time with your work email

Get to Know

When you log into the mobile Workstation app and you already have a Workstation account, then you’ll be prompted to connect the two devices. You can connect the devices either by a 6 digit verification code or via a QR code. Both of which are found on the Workstation Desktop by going to Settings->PreferencesGenerate Code.

By connecting your devices, all of your integrations and settings from your Workstation account will transfer. However, if you choose to continue without connecting, all the integrations will transfer to the new mobile device, but will be disconnected from the original one. 

If you continued without connecting, you can connect the devices anytime to restore the integrations. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually reconnect all of the integrations on the original device.

Continue with Work Email

If you want to login with your Work email:

  1. Click Continue with Work Email
  2. Type your email address
  3. Click Next
  4. Done!

Connect Another Device

To connect another device:

  1. On the login page of Mobile Workstation, click Pair with Another Device
  2. On your connected device, go to Settings→PreferencesGenerate Code
  3. Type the 6 digit verification code from the desktop Workstation onto the Mobile Workstation
    • Alternatively, scan the QR code by clicking the Scan QR Code on Mobile and scanning the QR code on the Desktop Workstation.

Continue without Connecting

If you don’t have access to your other device or you want to continue without connecting:

  1. Click I can’t access my other device on your Mobile Workstation
  2. Click Continue without Connecting on the confirmation message that appears
Note for integrations

If you continue without connecting, your integrations will transfer to the device you’re logging into, and will disconnect the integrations on the other devices. To reconnect the integrations, connect the devices or manually reconnect the integrations from Settings → Integrations.

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