Workstation Mobile App Introduction

Last Updated November 9, 2023

Brief Overview

The Workstation mobile app brings the power of Workstation to your mobile devices – a single touchpoint for employees to access workplace needs from anywhere. It enables enterprise mobility by helping employees connect to their workplace remotely so they can instantly find information and execute business processes via an intuitive mobile experience.

Use the Workstation mobile app on your organization’s tablets and smart phones.

The benefits of using Workstation for mobile are numerous, and the impact can be felt across different industries and use cases. For example:

  • Sales representatives can use Workstation on their mobile devices to access customer data, sales metrics, and marketing materials from their mobile devices, allowing them to close deals faster and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Field service technicians can use Workstation to access service tickets, work orders, and equipment manuals from their mobile devices, allowing them to diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Get to Know

Workstation for mobile brings the power of Workstation where ever you go. It has everything you love about Workstation for desktop and more, including:

Enterprise Search: A unified mobile interface for employees to search and access business information and resources from every enterprise application anywhere.

Web-based & on-prem apps: The one-stop shop for employees to access business information and resources from any enterprise application from any location.

Coming Soon! In order to improve the user experience, we’ve added the ability to perform a search to easily find and initiate any app.

Notification Center: Keep employees informed and engaged with a notifications made in the Communication Center.

Enterprise resource: Enable employee engagement to the most relevant content directly from their Mobile.

Onboarding Tasks: Create a to-do-list with tasks for everyone to do as part of their onboarding or learning process.

Home screen widgets: With the search widget, you can quickly access enterprise search, notifications, and easily navigate to the app’s homepage. The Quick Actions widget displays the most important resources, so you can quickly get to the information you need.

Learn more about home screen widgets.

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