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Last Updated January 17, 2024

Brief Overview

The Workstation Mobile Homepage boosts employee productivity by initiating processes directly within Workstation and by streamlining access to commonly used tools and resources. The homepage widgets are located under the My Tools section.

In this article, we’ll go over available widgets and their capabilities.

Integrations Segmentation

In addition, any integration can be segmented for specific user groups, providing further customization options. You can easily segment the widgets by following this article.

Available Widgets

Upcoming Meetings (Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar)

View and join upcoming meetings from the home screen widget.

πŸ“šLearn more about the Google Calendar integration

πŸ“š Learn more about the Outlook Calendar integration

My Tickets (ServiceNow / Zendesk)

View and easily access your requested tickets or tickets that are assigned to you.

πŸ“šLearn more about the ServiceNow integration

πŸ“š Learn more about the Zendesk integration

Most Used Apps

The Most Used Apps widget includes all end-user apps. In order to improve the user experience, we’ve added the ability to perform a search to easily find and initiate any app.

Quick Actions

Use the Quick Actions widget to have constant access your most important resources.

Quick actions resources are pre-defined by the Mobile Workstation Admin from the Menu Organizer.

How to enable Quick Actions in Menu Organizer
To access the Workstation Mobile Quick Actions tab in the Menu Organizer, it must be enabled from a hidden menu. Follow these steps to enable:

1. Navigate to the Menu Organizer in the Console

2. Press control + shift + up arrow on your keyboard. A hidden menu will open

3. Click the displayMobileTabs toggle to enable

4. Click OK

5. Click the Desktop (Change Platform) icon

6. Select Mobile

Employee Onboarding

Create a to-do-list with different tasks which the employee can go through as part of their onboarding or learning process.

  • When a user completes a task, an event indicating it is sent

  • Each completed task is indicated in the progress bar by % completed. Each task has equal weight

  • Only Onboarding Tasks leading to Shuttles are supported at the moment

πŸ“š Onboarding Tasks: Getting Started Guide


View envelopes that require action from you, or that you requested from others.

πŸ“š Learn more about the DocuSign integration


Bring the power of OpenAI ChatGPT to your fingertips. The ChatGPT widget offers interactive and dynamic conversations with realistic and contextual responses.



Send an input to the ChatGPT powerful language model to generate a human-like text in response.

Here’s what you can do with ChatGPT’s responses from Workstation:

  • Click Copy to copy the entire response

  • Click Clear to clear the chat and start over

  • Right click to copy, paste, and apply text correction

  • Select a portion of the response to copy

Full Conversation

Enjoy an expanded conversation screen via Workstation to make having full conversations with ChatGPT more efficient and get all of your questions answered.

Click the reply button inside the chat’s answer to your initial question to open a full conversation screen.

ChatGPT Productivity Boosting Tips

Here are a few of the ways you can use ChatGPT to boost your productivity and have a little fun:

  • Get quick answers to your questions: ChatGPT is knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, from current events to technical jargon. Simply type your question and receive a concise, accurate answer in no time.

  • Write effective messages and emails: Struggling to find the right words for an important email or message? ChatGPT can assist you with writing compelling and effective communications in no time.

    • You can quickly copy the text from Workstation by clicking the copy icon.

  • Take a break: Chat with ChatGPT for a little pick-me-up. Share a joke, play a word game, or just have a casual conversation.

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