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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Getting Started with Workstation Mobile

Last Updated May 9, 2024

Brief Overview

Ready to set up your Workstation Mobile App?

You've reached the right place! Workstation system can be created from the Workstation Console App for all admin. Getting started with Workstation Mobile can be quick and easy when you follow these simple steps.

Deploy Workstation Mobile

Step 1: Create a Workstation System

Create a new WalkMe system-type Workstation. You can do it using a step-by-step wizard or through the Admin systems page. 

Create Workstation with the Get Started wizard

If you are accessing the Workstation Console App without having an existing Workstation system under your account, you will be presented with the Get Started Wizard which enables you to create one and start working with it within minutes.

By the end of this process, you'll have a working Workstation ready to be tested and deployed.

Create Workstation manually

If you already have an account with Workstation and you need another Workstation system, go to the Systems page in WalkMe Admin and follow the Create System wizard.

Step 2: Set Up Sign-In Method

After creating a new Workstation system, the Get-started wizard shows a form for configuring how users should be able to sign in into their Workstation.

  • If you want to login using their IDP, “Connect your IDP” button will lead you to the right place in the Admin Center for updating its configuration and enabling it on your newly created Workstation.
  • The Admin Center is expected to open in a new tab, and the wizard will be in standby mode where it will look for updated configuration every 10 seconds. Once it finds an IDP provider that is enabled for Workstation, it will automatically advance to the next step.
  • If G-suite or other social connector is being used to log in and you would like to use those until IDP is configured, you can insert your company domain as it appears on users emails in the domain input field.
    • The domain should match the same path the employees emails have after the @ , so if we log-in using will be the value to use in that field.
    • The domain value is also used in cases where you did not deploy your settings file that indicates which system Workstation should load when it is launched. In those cases, a default login page will be presented to all users, and based on the domain part of the email they use to login Workstation will load the appropriate system.

Step 3: Download & Install

The Mobile Workstation application can be distributed and installed on mobile devices using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software or downloaded by employees directly from the app store/market place by searching “workstation”.

Step 4: Enable Features

Enable content

Workstation content is managed from the Menu Organizer in the WalkMe Console.

  1. Select your Workstation system from the systems selection

  1. Open the hidden options menu by pressing control+shift+arrow up on your keyboard

  2. Enable the third option called displayMobileTabs is OFF

  3. Click OK

  4. Select Mobile from the Desktop / Mobile view selection

  1. Add or rename tabs according to your need (optional)


You can add two different types of tabs:

  • Tasks: Displayed as a “Quick actions” widget on the app
  • Help: Displayed as an “onboarding” widget on the app

  1. Drag content from Workstation Items to your tabs

    • If you haven't created content yet, click the + plus button (Only shuttles and onboarding tasks are supported on Mobile Workstation)

  1. Click Save and Publish

Enable app integrations

To enhance the capabilities of your enterprise search and home screen, you have the option to enable and configure app integrations from the Integrations tab.

For more information about a specific integrations, you can click on the Setup button and access the Setup Guide linked in the popup.

Workstation Integrations

Get to Know and Use

Send notifications

Builders have the ability to send notifications through the communication center in the WalkMe Console.

Localization and multi-language

The Mobile Workstation application allows users to easily switch to their preferred language, which is automatically applied across all their devices. This process includes both workstation and resources language translations, ensuring a flexible and consistent experience.

Workstation: Localization and Multi-Language

 Customize branding

The Mobile Workstation application can reflect the branding of a company by allowing users to change the logo on the home tab and splash screen to that of their organization, similar to the desktop version of the app.

Branding for Mobile Workstation

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