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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

ActionBot 101 (15)

  • Last Update May 21, 2024

    Build ActionBot Conversations in Console

    This article is a comprehensive guide on how to build a conversation for WalkMe's ActionBot in the console.

  • Last Update May 30, 2024

    ActionBot Conversation Steps

    This article is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively utilize all step types when constructing an ActionBot conversation.

  • Last Update March 19, 2024

    Bot Building in ActionBot Console

    A comprehensive guide to building a WalkMe ActionBot, a chat interface that improves user engagement and simplifies the customer service experience on your web application. By following this article, you can create the bot...

  • Last Update March 19, 2024

    ActionBot Bots List on Console

    The Bots list page in the console serves as a central hub for viewing, editing, and creating new bots. You can easily access all of your published, draft, and unpublished bots from this page.

  • Last Update September 22, 2023

    ActionBot Connections on Console

    The API Connections page in the WalkMe Console for ActionBot is where you can view and manage connections and even run tests

  • Last Update May 27, 2024

    ActionBot Conversation List on Console

    The new Conversations page is designed to make managing your conversations more streamlined and efficient.

  • Last Update April 24, 2024

    What Is the WalkMe ActionBot?

    WalkMe ActionBot understands what users want to do and automates tasks for them.

  • Last Update May 22, 2024

    ActionBot Privacy Mode

    Brief Overview The ActionBot Privacy Mode ensures that users' conversation responses are not sent or stored on WalkMe servers or databases. ActionBot conversation flow will be calculated on your side ONLY. Meaning that Insights...

  • Last Update March 6, 2024

    ActionBot: Action Type – Web Integration

    Brief Overview ActionBot's Web Integration is the ultimate solution to automate your workflow and streamline your processes. Web Integration is an action type that easily connects the end of an ActionBot conversation to another system...

  • Last Update June 29, 2022

    ActionBot Form Mode

    Brief Overview ActionBot Form Mode allows you to switch the end-user conversation view from question-by-question to a single from view for conversations that do not require splits in the Bot's dialogue. In some cases,...