ActionBot 101 (11)

  • Last Update September 22, 2023

    ActionBot Connections on Console

    The API Connections page in the WalkMe Console for ActionBot is where you can view and manage connections and even run tests

  • Last Update November 6, 2023

    ActionBot Conversation List on Console

    The new Conversations page is designed to make managing your conversations more streamlined and efficient.

  • Last Update February 20, 2024

    What Is the WalkMe ActionBot?

    WalkMe ActionBot understands what users want to do and automates tasks for them.

  • Last Update January 12, 2023

    ActionBot Action Types

    Brief Overview ActionBot Actions enable you to trigger WalkMe deployables, call connections, start new Conversations, Store Conversation data, and create Web Integrations during assigned Conversations. Here, you’ll learn about each Action Type and their...

  • Last Update February 13, 2024

    ActionBot: Action Type – Web Integration

    Brief Overview ActionBot’s Web Integration is the ultimate solution to automate your workflow and streamline your processes. Web Integration is an action type that easily connects the end of an ActionBot conversation to another system...

  • Last Update June 29, 2022

    ActionBot Form Mode

    Brief Overview ActionBot Form Mode allows you to switch the end-user conversation view from question-by-question to a single from view for conversations that do not require splits in the Bot’s dialogue. In some cases,...

  • Last Update June 29, 2022

    The Four Elements of ActionBot

    WalkMe’s ActionBot allows end-users to perform tasks on different platforms, while naturally conversing with the Bot, for example, requesting time-off via the ActionBot instead of logging in to the HR system.

  • Last Update June 29, 2022

    How To Connect To a Conversation From a Smart Walk-Thru

    With the ActionBot Conversation Initiator, it’s easy to turn any Smart Walk-Thru into a full ActionBot, improving your customers’ user experience and letting them use a unified conversational Bot UI that performs automated tasks...

  • Last Update November 30, 2022

    ActionBot Question Type Overview

    A WalkMe ActionBot Conversation can be made up of messages, questions, conditions, and actions.

  • Last Update January 12, 2023

    How To Build an ActionBot

    This article explains how to build a WalkMe ActionBot.

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