Content Not Loading in WalkMe Share

Last Updated October 3, 2019

Issue: Why isn’t my content in WalkMe share loading? 

Solution: There are three issues associated with content in WalkMe Share not loading:

  1. The background images on the steps do not load or appear blank
  2. The “Flow Map” view is not available
  3. The link to the WalkMe Share content does not work

Background Images Not Appearing in Steps

When the background images of steps do not appear, this is likely caused by one of the following:

  1. When the step’s element was selected, the Editor’s screenshot settings were disabled or set to “blur”
  2. The visible flow is comprised entirely of pop-up steps 

Because WalkMe Share’s slides are entirely dependent on the screenshot functionality within the Editor, elements that were captured while the settings were set to “blur” or “disabled” will appear with slides that have a blurred background or will not load at all, respectively. 

Changing the Editor’s Screenshot settings from “blur” or “disabled” to “capture screenshots” does not affect the screenshots retroactively. If the steps had been captured while the screenshot settings were set to blur or disabled, and you would like for the screenshots to appear as normal in WalkMe Share, you will need to reselect the elements after changing the setting to “capture screenshots”.

Additionally, the Editor screenshot functionality (and thus WalkMe Share slides) need at least one “anchored” step within the flow to display a background. If the flow is made entirely of consecutive pop-up steps, there will be no background displayed for that flow in WalkMe Share. If there is at least one step that is attached to an actual element on the page, the pop-up steps will all “pull” and display the background from that step.

The Flow Map View is Not Available

The Flow Map view in WalkMe Share is only available to users that have an email address associated with the content’s Editor account. If the email address is not associated with the Editor account as a sub-user with access to the Editor, the user will not have access to the Flow Map view. This is because the Flow Map view pulls the flow data in real-time directly from the Editor; thus, in order to have access to this view, the associated email address must be an authenticated Editor user. 

If the user is not an associated sub-user on the Editor account, but still would like to see the Flow Map view in WalkMe Share, the Editor account admin can add the user’s email as a sub-user to the Editor. More information on User Management can be found here.

Only users who have had their email addresses added to the “Share With Others” screen (for each flow respectively) will be authenticated to view the link. 

If you copy and paste the link and try to share it with users whose emails were not added, the link will not work for them. Please make sure that all users who should be able to view the WalkMe Share content will be added to the list of email addresses for that flow’s “Share with Others” window.

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