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Error Handling is a category in a Walk-Thru’s Settings where you can configure features that support playing your Walk-Thru no matter what page your user is on when they start it.

This article is about a General Settings feature. Looking for Error Handling Groups for Smart Walk-Thrus?

The Short Version

Error Handling is a feature that you can consider enabling when you get to the test phase of building your Walk-Thrus. Error Handling is a built-in redirect for a Walk-Thru in an instance where a Walk-Thru cannot begin or play from a certain page.Error Handling is a good failsafe to put in place to prevent users from having a bad experience in which the Walk-Thru they are attempting to play does not work. While Jump to Steps are the recommended best practice to accommodate users starting a Walk-Thru from different starting points in the process Error Handling can be useful in cases where not all the starting points can be immediately identified.

Common uses of Error Handling include:

  • Redirecting a user to a home page from which the Walk-Thru can begin
  • Notify users they are going to be redirected to another page with a custom message

How It Works

When a Walk-Thru is played, WalkMe begins playing from the first step. WalkMe scans the page for the element that the step is based on but if the element does not appear on that page, the Walk-Thru will not be able to play.

Error Handling only applies to the first step in a Walk-Thru. Error Handling does not affect a Walk-Thru if the first step is able to play. Error handling can be set individually for a single Walk-Thru (in the Walk-Thru’s Settings) or globally for all Walk-Thrus (in General Settings). Error handling set for an individual Walk-Thru will override Global Error handling settings. Once the user has been redirected to the correct page, the first step will play again.

When Error Handling is enabled, if the first element of the Walk-Thru is not visible on the page, WalkMe will automatically redirect the user to a page from which the Walk-Thru can play. You can also configure a message to appear before the redirect takes place.

Enabling Error Handling for your Walk-Thru

  1.  In your Walk-Thru click Settings at the bottom of the editor
  2. In the left hand menu click Error Handling.

Error Handling Options

  • Safe Start: Automatically redirect users to the page from which the Walk-Thru starts.
  • Prompt User: Notify a user of the redirect with a Safe Start Message by turning “Prompt User” ON.
  • Custom Dead End Message: Set a custom message to inform the user that a Walk-Thru cannot be started from that page.

Best Practices

The Best Practice for accommodating different starting points in a Walk-Thru is to follow these best practices and using Jump to Steps.

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