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Last Updated December 29, 2022

Brief Overview

Insights DXA is a way to analyze your customer’s journey with WalkMe. Available as part of WalkMe Insights, this feature is not enabled by default. With Digital Experience Analytics, Insights captures interactions your users have with HTML elements on your website.

This includes the following:

  • Clicks
  • Input changes
  • Form submissions

Insights will send this information to the WalkMe servers. This allows you to customize your usage of the various Insights tools and dashboards.

Once DXA has been activated, you will receive unlimited user behavior analytics.

WalkMe Engagement Analytics and Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) data will be accessible in Insights for a period of 1 year.

Note: If PII collection is a concern, Engaged Elements may be an alternative solution.

Use Cases

Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) use cases include the following:

  • Explore the behavior of users who are interacting with your website, but not with your WalkMe solution
  • Create a baseline expectation of your users’ behavior prior to deploying your WalkMe solution, and compare this to your users’ behavior after deployment
  • Identify instances where WalkMe guidance can improve your users’ experience
  • Analyze the adoption and engagement of users with your website’s features

What Data Is Collected With Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)?

Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) collects everything that WalkMe Engagement Analytics collects, plus the following data:

  • Clicks on elements, including element meta-data (class, ID, properties, text nodes)
  • Input to fields (turned off by default, but can be enabled using censorship settings)
    • Password fields are ALWAYS censored
  • Custom events (events sent via the Insights API)

Compatible Browsers

Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) operates on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Starting from version 5.0.14, Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) supports sites that use ShadowDom technology.

How It Works

There are two levels of DXA data collection available:

Full Data Collection DXA –

  • Once Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) is activated full data collection begins immediately

Targeted Data Collection DXA (default level) –

  • Once DXA is activated, sample data, 1 out of 100 events, will be collected via a sampling mechanism to generate autocomplete suggestions and indicate whether data currently exists for a definition as a Tracked Event is being created
    • This includes all the DXA event types: clicks, input changes, and form submissions
    • Note: Sampling can be disabled upon request
  • In order to track full interaction data, users need to define a Tracked Event
  • Once a Tracked Event is defined all the interaction data for that element will be collected

Targeted Data Collection DXA affects Insights data in the following ways:

  • Tracked Events Dashboards, Reports, & Funnels:
    • When viewing a date range that includes dates prior to or during which a Tracked Event was defined, a warning message will appear to alert users that they may not see full data for this time range
    • The relevant Tracked Event will have a warning icon next to it indicating the date it was created
  • General Events filters:
    • General Events filters are not available


🎓 Digital Adoption Institute

Enabling Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)

  1. Open the WalkMe Editor
  2. Go to Settings -> Admin Settings

2. Select the required collection Level

If the following Insights settings are not available to you, contact your WalkMe Account Manager to enable.

For Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)

Select the collection level of Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)

This selection will automatically enable the feature Digital Experience Analytics (DXA).

Tip Tuesday Video

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For Session Playback

Select the collection level of Session Playback AND Digital Experience Analytics

This selection will automatically enable both features “Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)” and the feature “Session Playback”.

3. Perform a Settings Publish to the required environment to apply changes.

Notes on Session Limits

    • By default, Sessions Playback mode gets 1K sessions per month when enabling.
    • To set a different session limit (i.e. not the default 1K sessions), you will need to also reach out to your WalkMe contact person or Services teams to increase the session limit. (Increasing the Session limit can only be done with additional Visions sessions purchase).
    • WalkMe events and Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) modes are covering all sessions (unlimited) by default.

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